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I should probably know the answer to this (after having 2 iPads, 1 iPad Mini and 2 iPhones), but when purchasing a new iPad, is there anyway to transfer game data (your progress in a particular game app) to the new iPad?

I realize that doing a backup and then setting up the new iPad from that backup will restore stuff like pictures, music, etc. and will tell iTunes what apps were on the original iPad - but I don't believe that game data (again progress in the game not the actual app) will not be saved/synced.

So - is there anyway (including a third party app - but not to the extent of jail breaking either iPad) to do this?


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    How to Transfer Everything from an Old iPad to New iPad



    iOS: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device



     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks for those Tom but if you read my post, the "problem" is not transferring the apps - it is transferring SAVED GAMES AND DATA from one to the other. The two backup solutions you referenced (which I have used in the past) only transfer your basic settings and tells the new iPad what apps were installed. They are then re-downloaded and installed from either iTunes on your computer or from Apple via the Cloud. But these represent fresh installs of the games - any progress on the first iPad is lost.

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    While iTunes can do that, I used DeTune, the successor to exPod for those transfer issues.

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    I will check it out also but from quickly looking at their website I am not sure it will do more than iTunes for me.

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    Bella - the "problem" is that iTunes CAN'T do what I want. I will restore a new iPad from an existing backup but as far as APPS are concerned, it only instructs the new iPad (or any iOS device) what APPs were there before and instructs either iTunes (or you can do it through the Cloud) to reinstall the same apps again.

    BUT any in-game progress is lost as the apps are reinstalled as if they were being installed for the first time.

    And it looks like your DeTune is made primarily for restoring music back and forth between an iOS device and a Mac. It does say something about "file transfer", but how would I know what files are necessary for a particular game save to be moved to the new device?

    Thanks for trying, Steve

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    iCloud and iTunes should do what you want. I recommend iCloud although it might take longer depending on how many apps you have. First, make sure you back up your old iPad to iCloud. Then, set up your new iPad and select "Restore from previous backup" option. I have done this multiple times and it does restore your game progress. If you are going to use iTunes, you need to make a backup of your old iPad first. However, before doing this, make sure to "transfer purchased items" from your old iPad. Then make your backup. Then plug in your new iPad and select to restore from a previous backup. This should restore your apps with your game progress saved.

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    I must be doing something wrong


    I followed your instructions, reloaded the app from iMac onto my iPad and - hey presto - I'm back at the beginning of the game.  All progress lost

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    And yes, I did back up my iPad to the iMac before I started


    As I say, I must be doing something wrong - not quite sure what though as bit new to all this really