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I recorded some footage on my iPhone. I can play it fine and all. But, 40 seconds or so into the recording I *rotated my iPhone* clockwise, to include more horizontal than vertical.

Of course playback now has a goot portion of the action *sideways*.

Two factor question: I'm looking to use iMove to rotate that portion so it's all correct. I've found some links to how to do JUST that.

OK: it took me a second and a half to actually rotate the camera. Is there a way to make iMovie rotate the frame such that the rotation takes that long? --i'm imagining how this would look is the object(s) in the frame is (are) *stationary*, but it would appear that only the FRAME rotated??
Gad. I'm having trouble even describing the action I seek. I don't have the WORDS.
Anybody have any idea what I'm asking, be able to help me phrase it, and then in a perfect world, tell me how to DO it, or direct me somewhere that might?



thanks MUCH in advance,


Eric Lecht

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    in professional tools like FCPX this is called 'transformation'; and for sure, you can just 'cut' from 0-90°, or keyframe it to take it some time, showing the process of roation  ...


    And no, there's no transformation tool in the actual vers. of iMovie, which allows roation to 'any' degree, nor is it keyframe-able.

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    OK .... let me muse on the concept here. GRATEFUL for the engagement.
    Man. I am awed somebodt grokked the concept enough to reply. Peace Out there!!

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    Eric Lecht wrote:

    …  I am awed somebodt grokked the concept enough to reply. …

    I guess, it was the Norwegian band A-ha, which made in the late 80ies? last cent. a video based upon this concept:


    The video filled just part of the frame (it was portrait, if I remember correctly); the camera was shaky, mounted on a driving car, driving cross country (sort of?); the singer 'starred' into the cam - and they 'fixed'his position (=eyes) to some givin' postion; so, the whole time, the 'frame' of the pic was rotating and moving and up and down and jumping - but the singer 'stood still' ...




    can not find on YouTube - indeed, hard to describe!


    Glad, I could help you…