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I have just got my new iPhone 5s.   When trying to watch a film through my Apple TV I find the connection drops out after a few minutes. This is frustrating to say the least. This problem didn't occur with my iphone 5. Can anyone shed some light in this please ?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.2, Apple TV
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    Hey f1svx,


    I found the following information for you to try out:

    If you are experiencing intermittent playback or significant network lag with AirPlay or AirPlay Mirroring, it could be due to a weak Wi-Fi connection, interference, or the distance between the Wi-Fi router and your iOS device, Apple TV or AirPort Express.

    Try the following suggestions:

    • Ensure that other devices are not trying to stream to the same Apple TV at the same time.
    • Turn off Bluetooth on your iOS device by tapping Settings > Bluetooth.
    • Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is set up with the recommended settings for the best performance.
    • Certain external devices, such as microwave ovens and baby monitors, may interfere with a Wi-Fi network. Try moving or disabling these devices.
    • If possible, try to locate your Wi-Fi router in the same room as your iOS device and Apple TV.
    • If your wireless and wired networks are the same, try connecting your Apple TV to the router via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.
    • If the Wi-Fi router has an external antenna, check to see that is it connected properly and in good condition.
    • Use the Wi-Fi network troubleshooting guide to resolve interference and other issues.


    via: iOS: Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring



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