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I had last used iTunes about a week ago. Last night, I went to open it again, which it did fine, but then immediately informed me there was a new version (which it seems to do almost weekly!) I told it to get the update, it took me to the site, I downloaded the Windows version, and let it start the install. Somewhere near the end, while installing (yet another) copy of QuickTime, it stalled and wouldn't finish. I had to force the PC to shut down. When it rebooted, I tried to start iTunes, got the hour glass cursor, and then the machine locked up keyboard or mouse input accepted. Had to force another shutdown. When I got it back up, I decided to retry the installation. This time it got to the final screen saying the install was done, but at that point, machine was again locked from accepting keyboard or mouse input. Powered down again, rebooted, and tried to start iTunes. Again, hour glass cursor appeared, then system locked solid. It was working fine before the install (note that iTunes originally opened up fine, before telling me there was a new version), but now I can't get iTunes to start at all, and reinstalling didn't seem to help. I don't see any way to get "official" Apple help on this site, as it seems to be limited to this forum. So what is the next step in correcting this mess?? Note that the machine always has Norton AV and Windows Defender running for protection, and is scanned pretty regularly with Windows Defender, Spybot S&D, and Pest Patrol, so doubtful there's anything bad on the system. I did disable Norton AV during the second install, in case that was a problem, though I've never needed to do that before. But right now, system refuses to start iTunes successfully.

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    Well, to help anyone else with this same issue...I saw tons of posts here about folks having similar problems after installing the latest update. One of the suggestions offered was to run a standalone QuickTime installer, as a bad QT install apparently affects iTunes. Since my original install did seem to fail during the QT update part, I ran the standalone QT installer, and after doing so, iTunes started up fine. From the number of complaints here, sounds like there's definitely a glitch in Apple's latest update file.
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    Had the same thing happen to me yesterday except that my system did not lock up, it just wouldn't allow iTunes to open. I noticed that everytime I attempted to re-install, I noticed that QT would not install on my computer. I then theorized that there must be a glitch in the software. You mentioned running a stand alone QT installer. Were would I find a stand alone QT to download and install? Thanks.
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    I have my iTunes back again! Got rid of all remnents of previous unsuccessful downloads and installs. That includes old version of iTunes. Turned off Norton internet security and antivirus. Downloaded and successfully installed stand alone Quicktime. Then downloaded iTunes (for the umpteenth time) and had a successful install. iTunes has been upgraded and is running great!
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    Norton interferes with iTunes installs all the time. There are thousands of posts about it here on discussions.

    One of them by NWA Capt in your own thread!

    Turn off norton, run the install from your hard drive (not the internet) and see if iTunes will open.
    Then turn norton back on.

    If it is Norton 2005, you might need these Lorraine M directions to set up Norton to allow iTunes
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    I am having a similar issue - I tired to install the ipod software for my new Nano - I got to the point of regeristring my ipod - and then it bombed. I tried to update Itunes - and next thing I know - I get an error, indicating the installation was interupted before completeing installation - the system was not modified and try back later. The main issue is that now I have no access to Itunes. The installation or lack there of removed the old version. I have read all of the help topics - but I am at a totally loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm having the same problem, and I don't have Norton. I've reinstalled iTunes four or five times in the past two days. I just tried reinstalling QuickTime, but it didn't change the situation. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am also having this same problem. How do you find the seperate QT because I have been trying to find that also. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes probably 20 times now. It is getting really frusrating. Any solutions would be a great help.
    Thank you so much!!
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    I did the same. I downloaded the new Itunes vers. 6.05 and now every time I try to open it, it gives me a windows error message stating "Itunes has encountered a problem and needs to close." In addition now I can't play any movies or downloads because quicktime doesn't work either... UGH!

    Why would apple release an update that doesn't work. I can't update my ipod without ITUNES! UGH! Any Help??

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    me too! in Engerland!!! no error messages tho , just wont open itunes
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    Install the new version of Itunes....
    Then download quicktime standalone from this web address

    Then after installing the new version of ITUNES. Install quicktime standalone. It should then allow ITUNES to work correctly. Good Luck All.
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    I'm ready to pull my hair out over this. I downloaded the standalone QuickTime, but it won't install. It's giving me two error messages.
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    how do you download the standalone quicktime??? HEEELLPP.. UGGGHH
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    Try setting your Norton off.
    Especially if it is the 2005 flavor.

    If it is Norton 2005, try these Lorraine M directions to set up Norton to allow iTunes

    And changing your settings to read all the posts, not just one.
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