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i recently had my computer fixed as it was loaded with viruses. Also I finally got my IPad 1 back from someone who had "borrowed" it for a year. It no longer worked, but in the case i had written down my old apple id. i had purchased 3 other ipad's since then and changed my id. i typed the old id and was delighted to see that i had over $1000 worth of dowmloaded media. i want to use this old acct number on one of my other IPads to avoid confusing two accts, but when i attempted transferring media onto computer it said i needed to first download bonjour. i have been trying to figure out how, but computer genius i am NOT. could someone please help me? i really appreciate any advice you could offer steering me in the right direction with this. thank you, stacey v

iPad, iOS 4.3, bonjour install