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  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3

    ...from the country of Ned Ludd, happy 2014, may it be full of faultless updates.

  • APMH Level 1 Level 1

    Is it possible to side-step the 'problem'?


    Could I use a third party package (e.g. the CRM package Daylite) to sync Calendar and Contacts with Daylite on my iOS devices? This would give local sync, but not direct into Calendar and Contacts. But at least I'd have the information on my iPhone/iPad.


    Or have I got this wrong?

  • Drew Reece Level 5 Level 5

    Nobody else has said this is an option, so you have either found a new solution or have taken a wild guess at something that won't work, try it & let us know.

  • gumsie Level 4 Level 4

    APMH wrote:


    Is it possible to side-step the 'problem'?


    Could I use a third party package (e.g. the CRM package Daylite).............

    £189.95 though?

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    The price comes after the does it work stage, if it doesn't work the price is high, if it does the price becomes a personal decision.


    The OP ruled out iCloud, but set no other restrictions in his question.

  • Donot Haveone Level 1 Level 1

    petermac87 wrote:


    There's discussion here in the early bits about setting up my mac (in this case, a laptop) as a server, and it needing a static IP address.  Is that necessary only for the initial setup, or a permanent requirement?  I'm specifically thinking of being able to sync on the road, without internet access of any kind:  once setup, does this solution permit me to use my mac's wifi capability to sync with my iOS device without any other router being required, or would I have to travel with my airport to make it all work?

  • Drew Reece Level 5 Level 5

    When your Mac creates an 'ad-hoc' wifi network it hands out the IP addresses to clients & takes the responsibility for their routing. It should still sync, provided you setup the iOS device to use the 'computer.local' address.


    Avoid setting up any clients with the server's IP address otherwise they will fail when it changes. The bonjour name (a.k.a 'dot'.local name) should work independently of IP changes so long as you are on the same network & the service isn't blocked (some networks are very restrictive).

  • wiredancer Level 1 Level 1

    If this Daylite thing works, then that's the best thing I heard in a month. I will certainly try it, regardless of the cost.

    Thanks APMH!!!

  • APMH Level 1 Level 1

    I'm away at the moment, so can't back up my machine (no comments about cloud options, please).


    But when I get home, my plan is to back it all up and then work through Daylite with their CalDAV and Card DAV setup to see how it goes. I'll report back next week.

  • Matt Schultz Level 1 Level 1
    Windows Software

    brollyjohn wrote:


    I think Apple with their amazingly subtle branding (see image from apple site) and in-OS pursuasion preys upon the non-technical. It's incredibly easy to sign up for a free icloud account right from your system preferences! Slick. I personally won't drink the koolaid but hats off to those who do if they're happy.

    People have specialities in various fields & not all folks know or even like computers, regardless of brand.


    A good friend of mine is a sports medicine doctor, a brilliant man who has neither the time nor the inclination to learn anything about computers more than he absolutely must - the very bare minimum. Another friend, a young lady who has a vigorous and successful commercial real estate company, could care less about most machines - dishwashers or Macintoshes. I've known a highly intelligent writer since my college days, and this well published & hilarious author literally hates computers of all types, forms and shapes.


    I do think that most Apple supporters and contributors to this forum do not understand that many brilliant people have no clue - nor could they care less - about computers. To them, less is best. This doesn't make them "idiots," as some here would peg them. These people have advanced degrees. They have things to do, there's precious little time available to them, they would not waste it sitting in front of a monitor.


    All of these folks I know have iPhones. They all subscribe to iCloud and have no idea what it is or what it does.


    I really think that this is the norm, the vast bulk of those 320 million iCloud "users."

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Thank you for your almost entirely unsubstantiated information, I'll file it.

  • William Lloyd Level 7 Level 7

    Yeah, you could use Daylite instead of OS X for calendar/contacts if you wanted.  You'd need Daylite on all your devices of course, and I think it has an annual renewal fee as well.

  • gumsie Level 4 Level 4

    Did you give it a shot yet?

  • mihevi Level 1 Level 1

    The more people will let Apple abuot this the bigger chance they will fix it.


    Try to to raise support with them. Not sure if it will work but try email:


    and  leave  feadback on:


    The other thing they broke in iOS7  is chapter feature.

  • gumsie Level 4 Level 4

    Yeah I've done all that. I've also left a rating on the Appstore. Be sure to mark helpful reviews as helpful too.


    A little off topic but what's this chapters thing you're talking about?