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    applejpmc wrote:


    James, here's a new one on the Sync services issue...


    I have a new unused iPhone 5s - been avoiding using it for the last 2 months in the hope that Sync Services might get restored.


    Last night I set it up on my old (NOT Mavericks) MacBook Pro - Calendar and Contacts synced fine as always in the past through USB and iTunes. But Music......


    As I have a ton of music I keep the library on an external HD. Never been any problem till now for the MacBook Pro to access it.


    When I went to sync the music it was there. Then I was prompted to update the ios on the iphone (not the MacBook Pro to Mavericks). So, assuming this would be okay (wrongly) I clicked yes. Now there is no music on my new iPhone, will not sync and comes up with a screen telling my to go to the Store.


    I've never bought any music from iTunes - I buy CDs (maybe that is old fashioned but I prefer that I have something solid not just a vague thing in the ether).


    But from this either I've done something wrong in the set up or Apple have decided to stop anyone using music on their iPhones unless it is bought through Apples iTunes store!


    Additionally unless I copy the music off the external HD back onto my MacBook Pro I cannot access it through iTunes on that computer any more - the MacBook Pro cannot find or use it unless it is copied back onto the MacBook Pro (since updating the ios on the new iPhone.


    Another thing worth noting is that a new iPhone now comes with no instructions at all. The set up instructions when you turn it on make it IMPOSSIBLE - not just difficult to set up without agreeing to iCloud - it gives various options about agreeing to ios or icloud or a couple of other things. On the icloud I clicked 'disagree'. On the ios I clicked 'agree'.


    Then I found all iCloud options turned on and it took a lot of fiddling around to find where to turn it off - even now I'm not sure if iCloud is working in the background. As a result the phone is off and will stay in a drawer till I find if it is actually possible at all to set up a new iPhone without iCloud.


    I'm beginning to think it is not possible - any ideas on these 2 issues?


    Re: your iTunes Library:

    Has this external library been used with a newer iTunes? iTunes 11 updates the library file & may have also moved media files. That means older versions of iTunes may not open files correctly, so see if it plays in iTunes on the Macbook Pro.

    Tracks that won't play or display the icon will not sync, if that is the case you may need to rebuild the library (by hand, and you can't really run multiple copies of iTunes from one external HD unless you take care in updating them all at the same time). You should be able to sync from an external HD if the tracks don't have the icon.

    What does the music section of the syncing options show? Is Music syncing active for this device?


    Re: reverting iOS.

    Apple don't let you do this. If you factory reset it will reset it to the last installed OS. Even iTunes will not restore older OS's. Not even developers can revert (how are people meant to test earlier OS's?).


    Please think twice before applying Apple updates, they don't always work out for the best, and iOS updates are forever!

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    Thanks for this - will look when I next get back to my MacBook Pro and have this and the air in the same country - in a couple of weeks.

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    Thanks for this. I understand iCLoud is optional - but you have a look at an iPhone 5s set up and when you get to the Agree or Disagree whatever you do it sets up iCloud - if you click disagree to iCLoud and then click agree to ios7 it sets up and links to iCLoud anyway....


    Really do not see what is optional about this if you actually buy an iPhone and use it.....

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    Thanks James - I still use a 3gs also...... have fewer problems with that frankly than the 5 and 5s I have also.

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    Thanks for these constructive ideas - will look when I next get back to my MacBook Pro as I'm now in a different country and so cannot check what version of iTunes it and the Air are on. Though I'm pretty sure I updated both. Yes I use the same external HD with the iTunes library for both macs. And yes on the MacBook Pro the album artwork has all disapeared. On that mac nothing plays, on the Air with me now it all plays. But don't want to link the new phone to this Air with the Mavericks mess on it.

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    It could be the 'Apple ID vs iCloud' conundrum that is catching you out…


    You need an Apple ID to use the store so it looks like a device is being tied into iCloud, when it may only be tied to the Apple ID. Apple do then auto-fill certain sign in dialogs with the Apple ID which makes it look like iCloud has invaded the device. Having a separate 'non-iCloud' Apple ID could make it clearer, but that also makes a real mess of managing logins & older store purchases etc.



    Once you have checked the iTunes versions on each machine are the same you may want to consider moving the library files from the working Mac to the older machine. It should cause the links to the files to point to the correct file locations. I'd suggest starting a new thread since this one is massive, link from here if you want us to follow & look at it.


    Apple's support pages have some good info on managing the library, external disks are supported.

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    A relative of mine may be getting a new iPhone soon. If I get the chance I'll document the setup.

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    Okay folks, we all (well almost) agree this is a bad decision on Apple's part.  Being able to sync locally using iTunes is waaaaaay too valualbe to lose. Apple has the power and knowledge to change it, we don't.  We do, however, have the power to contat them and tell them directly that we want this option back.  Call or email their corporate offce and express your dissatisfaction directly.  If all of us do this (in additon to or rather than) talking here, we might see some action.  I know that it is a big might, but let's give it a try.

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    You are blessed that the cyber bullies on this site didn't report you for breaking the rules as they did when I more explicitly shared your same sentiments and actually gave ways to use PR and Marketing techniques to influence the reinstatement of the manual sync option.  I was thrown off the site for being a naughty girl!


    FYI: I've been a one-man media campaign and there was already coverage by 242/?s_cid=rSINGLE&ttag=rSINGLE


    suggest you follow David Gewirtz ( Distinguished Lecturere, CBS Interactive; DIrector US Strategic Perspective Insitute;  Member of Instructional Faculty at UC Berkeley) at because

    something big is coming. 

    Until key influencers and WE make enough noise / giving Apple the feedback that they want, where they want to receive it, using language that they understand then the CHANCE for CHANGE will continue to be as stymied as the circular conversation of this thread --- Apple is not listening here, just the diehard iCloud users who don't value the premise of this thread as initially posted.


    INSTRUCTIONS  to Reinstate Manual Sync Option in Mavericks

    1.  Go to > Select iPhone and Mavericks (that would be feedback twice) > Select the subject Design and Ease of Use > express your desire to manually sync using Mavericks / reinstate the option.  Customer Service ops need feedback in one area so that it is easy for them to see issue volume and trends. I've run service ops and marketing and can tell you that nothing gets done unless an issue is loud and clear. Apple wants to please its customers, it is how they make make money. 


    Carry On.



  • KAGrinde0504 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you for your support.  Let mw say done and done.  Glad to have a couple of places I can track progress - if there is any - on this topic.

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    I'm trying to find solutions. This is an excerpt of yesterdays chat I had with an Apple Supervisor, how confirms that the removing of locals syncing vis USB has been a "nightmare".

    Pleas keep giving feedbacks.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 01.45.01.png

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    It confirms that removal of local sync has been a nightmare for your workflow.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.37.14 PM.png


    why do you assume that it has been a nightmare for all, or even many?

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    Hi Csound1,

    I see that you're active and writing replies on about 25 different threads simultaneously, on this support community. All replies equally irrelevant. Tell me one thing, do you actually do this as a goodwill, out of love for Apple's iCloud, or are you actually on Apple's payroll?

    Why don't you give us a hand in finding a solution to our problem:



    How to locally sync an iPhone with OS X Mavericks? iCloud is NOT an option.



  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,335 points)

    How is that any of your business?


    The answer has been posted many times, you're just repeating the question.


    Read the thread.

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    ...and tell your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, editors, bloggers, fellow sufferers and interested parties to start giving feedback if they have not done so already...and then to do it consistently. Shining a spotlight on the issue will one way or another surface a resolution, whether from Apple or some blessed developer who creates a much-needed app.