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  • snozdop Level 5 (5,800 points)

    Are there any issues / flaws (beyond what I have noted) that anyone sees in this sort of workflow?




    Zero integration with any other iOS apps, such as the phone, email apps. What's the point in syncing your contacts if they don't sync with the phone or email client?

  • BincBunny Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry if I was not clear.


    By identifying items as phone numbers, URLs, or email addresses, STRIP DOES integrate with other iOS apps.


    Specifically, you can click an email address to compose a message directly in mail.  Clicking a URL gives the option to open in safari. And clicking a phone number gives the option to call that number directly via the phone.


    What is missing is single-click integration with maps. That said, you can copy a street address in STRIP and then paste it into the search bar in Maps, so I can live with that kind of work-around.


    To my mind,  phone, web, and email integration are the most important, and those DO work just fine.

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    Called Apple a few times on the topic. Sounds like they are getting an earful but they just state 'go to our website and write your feedback there. If there are enough requests they might consider in a future upgrade.'


    So I emplore everyone reading this threat (all 7000+) to provide the feedback to Apple.


    Please - let Apple know this is not acceptable and many chose not to use the cloud...and that's ok.


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    Where did you get 7000+ from! there are less than 3000 posts, and many are from the same people.

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    Reading the thread (see a typo of treat I'll fix)... not 7000+ posts... but those reading...views.. on this thread it is actually 192221

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    Edit appears turned off:  typo for thread, and 192221 is the number of views as of this posting.

  • snozdop Level 5 (5,800 points)

    > By identifying items as phone numbers, URLs, or email addresses, STRIP DOES integrate with other iOS apps.


    So if you get an incoming call, how does the phone app look up the number in Strip for Caller ID? It can't.


    If you're browsing the web in Safari and save a bookmark, how does that URL get into Strip? It doesn't.


    If you get an email from a new contact, how does their info get saved from Mail into Strip? It doesn't.


    Integration is two-way. Not just FROM Strip.

  • BincBunny Level 1 (0 points)

    Quite right on both counts.


    I should clarify my personal preferences.  Others may have different views but I think what I say below may be in keeping with the spirit of the original question.


    Regarding caller ID: there is a trade-off. I can give up my network of contacts and get caller ID by name. OR, I can keep my network of contacts and related notes private, and have to live with caller id just based on the phone number.  My business is heavily regulated and it is unacceptable to me professionally to let my contacts go into third-party hands, no matter how well-intended that third party may be.  And personally I find it objectionable that the feature has been taken away, but that is just my opinion -- others are entitled to their opinons.


    At the end of the day I prefer privacy + caller id by telephone number only.   I am happy with that trade-off.


    Regarding Safari:  I have already removed all bookmarks from Safari and do not use Safari's reading list. Again, the forced icloud sync means that a third party would have a list of all my bookmarks. Professionally and personally, this does not work for me.  I maintain my own list of bookmarks and I have my own reading list solution, fully separated and secured from any third party.


    So in summary, I can live with the one-way iOS integration.  I only care to be able to call up iOS services (phone, browser, and email) when I want.   Giving up my personal and professional network is simply unacceptable because it violates my industry's requirements and my personal preferences. I find the solution via STRIP to be less than ideal (for some of the reasons you site), but again, it's my choice and I am happy with the tradeoff.


    Once again, if Apple simply restored the pre-existing ability to sync locally via cable or local wifi, bluetooth, bonjour, or any other secure, private method, I would return to using their tools. If they are taking things away, then I and other users are free to adapt as we see fit.   The solution I propose, though limited, works for me, and I want to share it here.


    Apart from the criticisms, do you have an alternative solution that would address the requirement for privacy? We have already heard about the server route, and I suspect not many are interested in migrating to Windows or Linux over this (I know I am not).



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    I admit I haven't read the entire thread – has anyone raised the question why Apple would disable sync other than via iCloud, since there's obviously no technical impass? I can't think of any other reason than that the company has decided to make some use of their user's data. Can you? (If no reasonable other explanation comes up, I think I'll either make some serious effort securing both my mac and my iPhone, or, more likely, migrate, and I suggest you all do the same.)

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,900 points)

    There are multiple alternatives for syncing a Mac, a PC and an IOS device, iCloud is just one of them.

  • PixelRogue Level 1 (0 points)

    One response a tech mentioned was that customers were not 'taking full advantage' of the cloud and wanted more customers to embrace. Simply nesting preference setting would have achieved the same goal w/o force-feeding the cloud down everyone's throat.


    I'm totally hosed and am not finding a single work around short of selling the new hardware and going backwards...


    I was just appled by Apple.

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    "There are multiple alternatives for syncing a Mac"

    .... which? not considering "clouding"

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,900 points)

    You mean not over the internet I assume


    Local solutions have already been posted, repeatedly. If you wish to avoid the internet it's your choice, hopefully enough like minded souls will join you and create a market for a solution.


    And you should send feedback to Apple.

  • wiredancer Level 1 (0 points)

    ..... I tried Baikal, I tried Apple Server.... I could not get any of the solutions to work. (I know Mac since 1983, but I must say, I'm not e developer).

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,900 points)

    Then you are waiting for a solution, or will need to find an alternative platform that supports the tools you require.