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I have written a book in ibooks author, I am looking to do an update and would like to link three pages together (all with video) and make the video available either to play together (idealy) I dont want to have to add the video again as it adds to the file size.


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    What will the book size become IF you were to add the three videos? Obviously the final size is with the parameters..its seems you are OK. 

    Without seeing your plan....alternatives  are difficult to suggest.  Although putting the three videos on one page comes to mind!

    I wonder why you want to have all videos playing "together" by which I am thinking you mean at the same time. Will your viewers be able to follow each video without confusion?

    iBA deals with video as being able add a snippet to enhance the book/ chapters content. I can find no posts on the subject of of video dealing with anything like you plan.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    the size of the book is currently around 750MB I want to add around 10 extra pages with half of the video currently on  if I  add extra clip it will take the size to over 1GB tyhat whuy I want to reuse them.  I wan the video to play in sequence if possible but its more having them on one page. 

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    You have a two gig maximum file size..... you don't indicate if your whole project will be larger than two gigs.

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    I appriciate the 2GB limit, but I think any bigger than a gig may put people off, I also future updates planned that will beef the size up. 

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    That is a valid point, but may depend on the subject and  quality of your content.

    Is it possible to reduce file sizes on photo images for example, unless they are intended to be viewed full page, they can be reduced for a smaller display and retain quality.


    Hope it works out OK,

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    The ibook is written and on the store, it is how I want it, Im just looking to enhance it for an update.

    Thanks for your help