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I was wondering if 128gb on the MacBook Pro would be enough for me. I would basically just use it for school (writing essays, maybe some power points, etc.) and music ( I only have 198) songs. So would the 128gb of storage be enough ?

MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10

    Probably. But I'd go for the larger SSD because you never know what your space needs will be in the future. Usually, you will need more space.

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    I would go for more, it will be less expensive to get it "out of the box" rather than upgrading down the road. 128GB is not much storage these days, with the bloated applications, and if you have pics, video (which takes up a lot, as well as your music. My experience has been you always end up using more than you think you will.


    Hope this helps

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    Hai there,


    As a uni student - you really don't need all that much space for your studies...


    (unless of course you store the videos taken in lecutes etc.)


    Generally 128 GB is on the low side - with pictures, music, movies & applications; however if you're really only talking about documents - a couple of years worth of work will easily fit into 10 GB - so this should be enough...