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Ios 7 upgrade will not let me send text to certain mobile numbers. Apple allows you to create your own custom label for a phone number. In my case, I have a number of landline and mobile numbers connected to a business that I call constantly. There are a number of businesses set up this way in my Iphone. I have changed the name of the contacts in these businesses, be it landline or mobile. But now it seems that I cannot send a text to Mobiles that I have changed the name of, from MOBILE to the persons name. Even changing it to the persons name and then mobile beside it .

Anyone got any way around this


iPhone 4
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    Are you in or outside of the USA?

    (Your handle has me suspecting you're in the land of +61)


    Have you asked your carrier about it?


    I ask because my custom labels work fine for sending texts that aren't labeled mobile and I live in the USA.


    Can you screenshot a problem contact? (change/mask the number accordingly)

    Also, what error(s) do you get when you try to send a text message?

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    Hi, thanx for the quick reply. Yes I am in australia. On any mobile numbers that I have given a custom label to, there isn't a text box for me to use. I changed one label back to the word " mobile" and hey presto. The text box appeared.

    So I am guessing the text box is only available when the word mobile is attached to the number. How can I get around this

    Regards jon

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    I ask again, Can you provide screenshots of this?


    I run iOS 7.0.2,


    I changed a label to work fax on some random numbers I have, (both local and international) the send message option stays on the contact page.


    So, what method or madness is different down under?

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    Hi can't seem to send a screenshot. It's in my photos ready to go. But I'm not sure where on this discussion page do I add a file in this case a picture

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    Post to dropbox/yfrog/flickr/photoshare if needed, but you can attach screenshots in replies (when using the computer) by following the step in the photo below.



    Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.02.54 PM.png>>>>

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    Hi Just got home and am sending you a screenshot of one f the contacts in my Ipone 4s with the ios 7 upgrade. Ive deleted a few of the numbers but you can see there are two of the mobiles on there. One has a persons name and one is just called mobile.

    the one with the persons name no longer has the text box beside it which would normally allow me to text that person.

    I did edit this contact and changed it back to "Mobile". I was then able to send a text as the text box was available for use


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    I see what you mean now, and it happens to me also


    I will say, I don't use recents as my messaging platform so this isn't that big of a deal for me.


    But definitely send this in to apple.com/feedback.

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    I agree this is an error, in that the messaging seems to be unavailable to these persons/numbers where you've created a custom label. BUT, if you scroll down just a few lines below what your screenshot showed, you will see the option to "Send Message" to this contact. .. then ALL numbers will show up to select to send the message to (even the ones with custom label).  I do use recent calls as a place to begin to send messages also.  This is a reasonable workaround until they get the bug fixed.