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    The last time I backed up my computer using time machine & my external drive was late Sept.....I would be happy to be able to restore my calendars from then as its mostly past history that I want to access for reference.....

    so even though I know the specific date of my last back up (as its highlighted in pink) when I do search for the calendar in Time Machine following your instructions it doens't go back that far? 

    under the calendars folder there are folders, documents and ical back up file to choose from and the closest one to Sept is Oct 12 and that has a .caldav extension. 


    so when you say "all this asumes they are backed up in Time Machine" my question is why wouldn't they be?

    how do I know?  when I'm doing a backup my assumption is that everything on my computer is being backed it not?


    when you say "move back to a point where your calendars are in that window"  I'm not sure what I'm looking for now as my assumption is to look for ical as that is the app I use to access my calendar when I want to use it.  I do see that ical app showing backed up on my last back up in Sept but as you said its not the app I am backing up it the folders?


    My assumption is that my problem is multilayered in what started sometime after a while back I updated my email address/password in my apple id.   Sometime after (weeks) I changed my apple id I started getting a pop up message when on my calendar indicating something to do with icloud and my appleid not being valid?  I kept closing the window for weeks on end till finally I went to try to figure out the problem.  Noticed that my icloud email address was the old one and no matter what password I tried new or old it wouldn't fix it.  I couldn't even update it cause it kept telling me my info was invalid and I would have to reset it but I was never able to reset it as it didn't recognize the email address even though its the old one that I still have access to I never got the password reset email that was supposed to have been sent.  So frustrating story ends where I go to icloud and try for the upteenth time to update/change whatever it wants me to do and I get this message:


    "If you stop using icloud for calendars, calendars stored in icloud will be removed from this mac. Your calendars will still be available on other devices using icloud"


    my options were to cancel or delete from mac and although I pressed cancel and tried other options I finally came back and opted to delete as I figured this would be the only way to update my icloud id to match my apple id to fix the annoying pop up


    so happily I stopped gettting that pop up

    and it was shortly after that when I signed on my computer and went to my calendar and it was wiped!  with a few exceptions

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,020 points)

    Time Machine backs up most things, though you can set it to ignore certain folders.


    It's not good looking for Time Machine backups of the iCal application, if that's indeed what you are doing - it won't get you anywhere. The calendar information isn't held in iCal but in the folder I've directed you to.


    When you open that folder and then enter Time Machine should should see the display of receding folders; as you click on ones further back you move further back in time. If the backup wasn't running at a certain time there won't be folders visible for that time. The idea with Time Machine is to keep it running all the time.


    When you change the email address which forms your Apple ID and thus the iCloud login, of course the various applications which access iCloud cannot do so since they are trying to get in using a login which is no longer correct.


    You have to sign out completely in System Preference>iCloud and then sign back in again with the correct ID before they can access your data.

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    well I'm really stuck as what to do so what do you recommend?    if I call apple support I will be talking to someone on the phone and if they can't see what I'm looking at its probably going to take forever to figure out how to fix my problem......

    I am probably not asking the right questions or giving you the right information which is why this forum is not working for me

    so do I take my laptop in to an apple store? 

  • Sepoh Level 1 (0 points)

    also I just tried signing out of icloud from system preferences but I can't as I get that stupid message

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,020 points)

    What message? Do you mean "If you stop using icloud for calendars, calendars stored in icloud will be removed from this mac. Your calendars will still be available on other devices using icloud" ? That't to be expected - just click OK.



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    yes though the option is not "OK" its "delete from mac"  sooooo anyway I did this and now what am supposed to do?

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    if I sign in using the previous id, it doesn't recognize it.  if I sign in using the current id I get the same wiped out calendar I am seeing.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,020 points)

    If the calendars have been deleted that's to be expected. I assume you have checked at that the calendars aren't there? That being the case, the only option is to restore from the Time Machine backup, if they are there.

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    well like I said before I think this is all somehow tied into my change in id as that seems to be when the problem started shortly yes I checked under my new id at and its the same wiped calendar and when I try to put in my old id it doesn't recognize it so it doesn't let me proceed

    so as far as time machine back up goes......its a mystery to me.....I have backed up my computer a minimum of once a week for the longest time and although I may have went a little longer between the last few months I do remember backing it up shortly before all this happened last back up was late Sept.  just can't figure out how to access what I need?

    if I take my laptop in to an apple store do you think they will be able to help me?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (74,020 points)

    If the calendars are on the Time Machine backup they should be able to; if they aren't then there's probably no way of retrieving them. You would need to take the Time Machine disk in as well.

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