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    amendalus those tour steps is not work with restore failed mode.

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    Re: iPhone 5 Will Not Restore in Recovery Mode

    Apr 29, 2014 11:34 PM (in response to Lorenzo Carunun)

    Finally I found my solution for while restore the phone.  Getting error with 1 so if you want to know the info.


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    I found the solution please drop me mail I. Will let you know the steps.


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  • Teresa Lin Level 1 (0 points)

    I did not see your email. Could you please post it again?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,038 points)

    I strongly advise against getting help from someone you don't know who you meet on the Internet. They are probably offering to hack your phone. If they had a legitimate and legal solution they could just post it here.

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    Hi teresa.

    How you doing? Hope everything is fine.

    Actually I was mention my mail id below my old post directly so apple hosts directly edited  and removed my mail id. So tell you once again please read it.


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    Hello mr Lawrence.

    That I could not poser here because  this  post don't want to keep any software link so, that's the reson I had mention my mail Id to contact me ASAP.

    But what did you said about me, at your previous post.

    Will I hack the phone?

    Do you know first what you mean of the hack.

    Mind first and talk well.

    Don't bee like a hero providing the unwanted suggestion.

    But I can agree what you was say.

    Meant couldn't believe anyone without see.

    But here m not asking any money or asking to send the phone for repair!

    Just telling some steps.

    Because I know that pain die with iPhone restorer error 1 problem. I have kept one year and finally I had found the solution by my self.

    Mind it first no body can't hack the phone by different country With out phone in offline or else.

    What the heck you talikg.

    Bee matured. 

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    Teresa did you found my contact details?

    If you again not getting?

    Then I will try to help here to directly.

    Don't be worry. 

    Please ASAP replay me.

    Just m waiting for your replay.


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    Then maybe your king of king rite?

    Then ask you only one question with publically?

    Answer me and prove you are too smart!


    •1• while restore the phone any model like 3/4/4S/5/5C/5S

    Why it's stuck in recovery mode and phone won't take restore complete and it's gives error 1

    Mind again not -1,why?

    Is that hardware problem or software or gave me proper reason? Why why why why?

    And tell you again phone is be won't old or not used much,or water damage, working phone? Why it's gave us error 1 please let me know then?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,038 points)

    If you know the answer post it here. Don't stalk forum members.


    Here's Apple's answer:


    To cut to the chase, error 1 or -1 means your phone was hacked or jailbroken. Simple answer.

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    Brother Lawrence don't try to teach me anything about iPhone.

    Error 1 is not made by jailbreak the device or other hack thing ok mind it first.

    Even apple company also failed to solve the problem with error 1 so, that the reson company will just replace the phone to customer if it's in warranty mode.

    Comapany is not mad to give new phone to directly to the customer With small issue.

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    Papi please help me i am stuck too.I have Iphone 5


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    Pomagaj brate izbrisase mi mail

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    AAre you there?

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    WWhen you coming next to online please let me know the time and date before come.