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Previously my Imac's decided to have it's hard drive break so for now I had to use a smaller hard drive replacement from family until I can afford to get a bigger one, I know for a fact that my Imac can run Vista/7/8 with Bootcamp because they have all previously been installed in the past (obviously not all running at same time)


I tried reinstalling the operating system's for both my Mac/Windows using Duel boot, I have partioned the hard drive, even made sure the Windows side was formatted to fat32.
So far I have got to the point where it ask's me to install Windows on the Mac then restarts as usual but the problem is it seems to read the disc's, hang on a black screen with a white line flashing in the top left hand corner (presuming it would loading the installer but seems to never end)


Kind of like this:



Well this is rather confusing because all the disc's seem fine on my laptop, there all readable on the Mac O.S on the Imac so I'm a bit puzzled so the problem seem's to only occur when it come's down to booting to them for the install which means it's impossible for me to install to the BootCamp partition.



Anyway it's 4am here so I'll try to recheck this forum when I can since been busy trying to fix this problem.

iMac, iOS 5.0.1, windows 7+Lion