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Hello to everyone!

I faced a problem with my MBP Early 2011 (A1278)

1. System hangs and I turned it off by pressing the Power button

2. Once I power it on the white screen with flashing "?" appeared.

3. I tryied to choose the system disk by pressing Power and Option buttons but system gives me only Internet Recovery option and I didn't see HDD in Disk Utility

4. I thought my HDD crashed and I insert new SSD instesd "broken" HDD but problem stays (white screen with flashing "?" whitout possibiluty to chosse any drive)

5. Than I replaced Optical Drive by HDD with Mac OS -> and now it works but I still can not see my SSD.

The question is:

Is this Sata 3 connector (host controller) problem or I should configure my SSD to be able to operate with Mac OS??

Is there any dignostic soft or utility to check it??


Thank you!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)