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I have experiences in ios7 :

1. Safary in Ios7 slower than ios6

2. I can not get out from neswstands apps

3. So many aplication cannot open, errors, useless apps

4. It is more gesture, a little bit complex in using " search" in music, i think it is simpler in ios6

5. I think that, it is not significally different about mulltitask dan single task. I feel much better, stable, faster, more battery power and time with single tasking in ios6

6. Itunes is getting worse than before. Klik so many times, but there are no response in listening preview. I bought the song and then i hear the song ..

7. I realy feel my ipad3 in ios6 is more like a great private agenda in my life, but now my ipad3 is more closer like other gadget, slow, use so many battery life,

And it is sad for me that i cannot downgrade the system to os6..

8. I use my ipad3 in ios7 only for chatting in facebook, but the battery life decreased faster, not in gaming though.

9. In map apps, As i am not moving, just stay on bed, The dot is still walking, back to the position, walking again, back to position, walking again...

10. ios6 is more dependable

11. I really hope that there are option for user to check in multitasking or not, apps functioning, battery life support is very crucial


Sorry, my english is not good enough to express what i am feeling about os7


Are there someone experiencing the same thing as me..?


Thank you

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 7.0.2