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I was about to upgrade my iPhone 4S to the 5S until I discovered the Accelerometer bug here: http://gizmodo.com/heres-why-the-iphone-5s-accelerometer-is-so-screwed-up-144596 6306 .  As I understand it, Apple switched to a Bosch unit that is 4X less accurate than what is currently in the iPhone 5 and my 4S.  I believe the switch was done because the Bosch unit used less power (4X less accurate so that makes sense it uses less power, lower frequency sampling).


This problem obviously can't be fixed via software or OS updates so it appears to be hardware ONLY fix.


I went to an Apple retail (and a Verizon store) store to find out if they hand any iPhone 5S in stock.  They said no and indicated a 2-3 week minium before they expect to see any new shipments.


So my questions:


1.  Are the shipment delays realted to fixing the Accelerometer (replacing the Bosch unit)?

2.  If no, Is Apple going to try to "mask" the problem via software updates similar to how they approached the iPhone 4 antenna problem?


Please don't take this into the "speculation" process, Apple obviously know about it as do most of the world.  And Apple obviously know if they are going to fix it and/or address it with a masked solution.  Please no Apple fanatic responses, just the facts please.  I can wait for the iPhone 6 if nothing is going to get fixed in  the 5S.



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    Just the facts, and yet your entire summary is based on one tech blog post?


    Apple has said nothing official about any of this, so nobody here could possible know anything about what is a problem or not, nor what is or is not being done about anything.  Nobody here has any special insider Apple access, and if anyone did, they'd be unable to share any such information anyway.


    Rather than fuel yet even more rumors and factless speculation, why not wait and see what actually transpires?

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    There is no factless speculation, but I can see you are intent on getting this thread deleted under false accusation of speculation.


    The article I linked with the iPhone 5S demonstrates the problem that exists, fact, not fiction.  A simple Google search will result 1000's of links to other sources that demonstrate the exact same problems with accelerometer.


    Honestly, responses like this do NOT encourage end consumers to buy Apple products.  And making ridiculous claims that facts about the 5S can only exist if they come from Apple is silly.  Hopefully people will see thru your attempts to get this thread deleted.



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    I have not reported this thread or made any attempt to have it deleted - again, your speculation running rampant.


    But you ask for Apple's stance about all this, and NOBODY from Apple actually posts here - so all this thread can possible do is generate rumor and speculation.  It is impossible for any factual information to appear here as nobody here has any facts from Apple  and if they did know anything, they could not share it on these forums.


    So your whole post smacks of nothing more than trolling for controversy, or to generate some smug sense of self-satisfaction.


    'Bye now, I'm  done here.

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Why did you even post if you don't know anything?  The only reason would be an attempt to get this thread deleted.


    And finally by your OWN LOGIC, since Apple never post and apparently Apple (according to you) are the only ones with "facts" then basically you're saying EVERYTHING being posted here in any forum is speculation.


    Do you realize how silly you sound?


    This isn't "controversy" ... the problem exists and has been documented countless times.  My question was is the problem going to be addressed or masked?  If you don't know, don't post and stop crying "it's a troll".

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    My question was is the problem going to be addressed or masked?

    No one here (or anywhere else on the web) can answer any of your questions since 1) Apple is the only one that knows and they never tell and 2) we're all users just like yourself... how would we know what Apple's doing?

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Contrary to popular belief, this is an Apple owned resource.  And in the past Apple have responded here (rare, but it happens), espeically when issues are of significant impact to their customers.

  • paulcb Level 6 (19,110 points)

    Apple mods respond here regarding forum issues and tech support questions.  Apple never responds directly here regarding issues such as yours, i.e. defective hardware, IOS, etc.