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Hi there, I would like to know How to burn multiple quick time movies on the same dvd with compressor?.

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    Sorry. You can't. Compressor only burns single track DVDs with very basic menus, although you can use chapters. (In FCPX, it is possible to put multiple movies on a timeline, separate them with gap clips and use chapter markers to navigate…but it's a pretty clunky work-around.)


    To do multiple tracks, you need an authoring program. One good option is to buy a boxed copy of iLife that contains iDVD. The suite has been discontinued for over two years, but it still works with OSX up through 10.8 and can be found for around $50 at some online retailers.


    Alternatively, look at Roxio Toast,


    Good luck.



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         Thanks Russ, I appreciate your help.  Listen, I have IDVD, but now I would like to know how can I import the transcoded files to idvd, cause you know after transcoded them with compressor, I got two separates files, one for video and one for audio.  Do you know how to do it?.

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    Skip Compressor entirely if you're going to use iDVD. (iDVD won't work with the elementary streams that Compressor's DVD settings create/)


    Take the movie you exported from FCP or whatever NLE you used and bring it into iDVD. (IMO, a Pro Res mov is a good choice of format for that source file.)