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A question about the storage/removal of files from my MacBook Air as they pertain to a Keynote Presentation.


I have a rather sizeable Keynote (about 7GB) since it has several QT Movies embedded.  And the key word is embedded:  if I was to remove the “original” QT files and other large graphics off the HD (in an effort to regain some space on the 250GB onboard flash drive) and in Keynote Preferences I have checked “copy audio and movies into document” then the Keynote presentation remains intact and does NOT need any of those QT files living on the MBAir itself.  I could keep them on a separate dedicated FW drive for future inclusion and/or editing. 


That is – the Keynote presentation will stand as its own complete file and does not need to reference those files sitting on the HD in order to work as they have been copied into the Keynote presentation itself (and hence their propagation is what is also accounting for the disc space concern).


I am concerned that if I remove the files then the slides that do require QT won’t be able to “find” the files…..but I am working under the assumption that the above steps have ensured that they are integrated into the actual presentation file and do not need to “find” them on the HD.  Make sense?





MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)