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Hi, I need to transfer a premiere pro project as a XML to FCP so i plan to convert the files into premiere pro  into Apple prores so they can opened in a Apple Pro Res project in FCP. The files I need to convert are the original MOVs and F4vs so the movs won't be a problem but the I've tried converting the f4Vs in Adobe Media Encoder and it seems to suggest I need FCP installed on my computer to convert them to pro res bu there must be a way of getting F4vs in to FCP. This is a project I'm transferring to be opened on someone elses computer in their FCP so how is this done?






I have the apple pro res codec already installed on my computer and downloaded a free trial of Pavtube but when I tried converting a F4v file into prores it said I need Final Cut already installed on my computer so would wondershare say the same thing. Sorry but I just want to be clear so...If I convert all the movie files in my Premiere Project into Apple Pro Res then export that as a XML then send all the individual files along with the XML project file to another computer they would be able to open the XML project all good and fine in FCP7?... There isn't any speed adjusted clips in the project as with those I nested and converted them into f4vs in Media Encoder then reimported them into the Pro project, then there are a few clips that I have adjusted the scale and postion and put on a slight fade on some clips- would those effects transfer to FCP7 ok ?


The project files I used in Pro are-

Editing Mode: DSLR,


frame size 1920 x 1080, vertical 16:9,

Pixel Aspect Ratio, Square Pixels (1.0) 

Fields : No Fields(Progressive Scan)

Sample Rate 48000,

Video Previews-

Preview File Format I-Frame Only Mpeg

Codec Mpeg I-frame


So if they open a project in FCP7 with as much of those settings as possible and in Apple Pro Res and then import the XML would that work?


Any advice would be extremely welcome and I'll be very greatful.Cheers