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The iPhone has not been associated with any iTunes as I was a little scard to connect it to mine as I do not want all my friend's apps on my phone. Also, we use different apple IDs so would we be able to have two apple IDs associated with one computer?


Please help!

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.0.1
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    Your friend can buy Music from iTunes.


    It is illegal to put your music on your friend's phone.

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    Okay yes I know. BUT here's the thing, skip the sharing music, is there ANY way my friend can get the music they've already bought (CDS etc) which are one my laptop and also their sibling's laptop onto their phone without using anybody else's ID. My friend doesn't have a laptop of their own but has music of their own that they bought on CDs and now wants on their phone.

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    If your friend put music on your computer and their sister's computer, that is illegal too.

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    No not realy there are some alternatives to itunes but no drag and drag option for iphones your best option is to gather all their music on your computer and sync it to the phone your can even make another itunes library that way each others music/info..etc isnt mixed



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    Your friend can get a new Apple Id for themselves, and create a different account on one of the laptops. Then put all their music in a separate iTunes library, and sync the phone to that particular library.


    This will keep there music separate from your library and their brother's library.


    Just make another User on your computer for your friend to store their music in.