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This is for my girlfriends macbook, who is beside me, and i am helping her solve her mysterious macbook issue.

she was trying to close everything, which was successful except finder which was not responsive. a pop up came up saying something like "quit activate settings in order to continue logging off" while the mouse was constantly a spinning (loading) rainbow. we got the the force quit applocations window and forced safari (which she attempted to open to see if it would work) and that was successful. the finder, which had non responsive in brackets beside it, would not force quit, it had a different option, i believe it was reload. we hit that seeing as it to be our only option and now we are stuck at this force quit app window with the loading rainbow spinning (which track pad can still control) which a grey background. any suggestions on what to do? closing macbook does nothing. hitting power button does nothing. we are all out of ideas. thanks!