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Rick Helderman Level 1 Level 1

I did shoot in 60p . How do I get my video transfered to final cut studio?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Shane Ross Level 8 Level 8

    If it's 720p60...no problem. 1080p60...problem.  FCP doesn't deal with that format in L&T...it' non-standard. You'll need to use an outside converter.


    Shot with what camera?

  • Meg The Dog Level 6 Level 6

    You can use Clipwrap - it is not free - but they do have a trial offer, if I remember correctly:




    to convert your files to ProRes. Once converted, just import the files directly -


    Use the menu File > Import > Files . . .


    FCP works with 60p media, it just does not support 60p in Log and Transfer.



  • Rick Helderman Level 1 Level 1

    Again I really appreciate your help I am just confused cuz I am almost positive that I have always shot in 1080x60 and it transfered just fine. I don't understand why it has that selection in a/v settings in fcs if it dosen't support it. I can see it and play it back in the preview

  • Meg The Dog Level 6 Level 6

    The HVX 200 shoots DVCPro HD in 1080 60i. The 60i means interlaced.

    In your first post you said you were shooting on an FS 100 which shoots AVCHD at (among other settings) 60p - 60 progressive.


    When FCP 7 was abandoned by Apple a couple of years ago, that AVCHD standard (60p) did not exist, and Apple has not rewritten FCP Log and Transfer to support AVCHD 60p, to accommodate it.


    That is why you need to use a third party solution to convert it to a friendly format for FCP.


    If you have the camera, set it to record in 1080 60i, or 720 60p, shoot some clips, and you should be able to transfer those files via Log and Transfer without problems.


    If you can't transfer those clips, then there are other problems.