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Last night my MacBook Pro totally died when I unplugged my iPad after and iTunes app update and sync. The notebook computer totally froze up. I turned power off and back on thinking I would simply reboot.


The computer would not reboot. It got to a gray screen and did no more.


I did a restart with Command-R and used Disk Utility to repair the disk. Still would not reboot. Again, got to a gray screen and did no more.


I did a restart with the Option key pressed. I was able to boot from the recovery drive and from an external drive backup that used SuperDuper.


But the computer would not reboot from the Mac HD. Just got to the gray screen and did no more.


I did a restore using a Time Machine backup.


After the successful restore, I noticed that when I did a Permissions Repair using Disk Utility there were tons of permission repairs done on iTunes files.


Did I do something wrong?



  • nbar Level 5 (6,980 points)

    Are you able to boot successfully now? The '.nib' file permissions repair loop is normal and unrelated to your issue.


    Boot into recovery mode and run disk utility on the boot partition. Any issue come up when you repair the disk?

  • Canyonlight Level 1 (20 points)

    Yes, I'm able to boot successfully now - after the successful system restore.


    I'm assuming that "boot into recovery mode" is what you do when you press Command-R when restarting. And I'm not sure what you mean by "run Disk Utility on the boot partition." Does this mean run Disk Utility on Mac HD?


    Wish there was a "Mac Recovery for Dummies" somewhere.