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Hi everybody,

I am trying to install win8.1 to my non-supported late 2009 imac.

I am stuck in the point where I can load win8 installation page, but it says it cannot find a driver and that's it. My impression is that it cannot install anything in the HD, just execute the minimal from the usb and then it cannot go from there.

I have been able to use a USB stick by tweaking the info.plist, I have followed different guides with all available drivers out there, none of them seems to feed the win8 hungry.

So right now my only option is to burn the iso into a DVD and repeat everything from the bootcamp with the DVD instead of from the USB (which I have to buy).

My question is, is this a good decision? Why it should not work from the USB??? I don't get why it shouldn't be able to install files from the usb provided that it can use it to boot from.





iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), Bootcamp