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Hello toevery one.

I have defective SATA cable to HD bay now. And also new clean SDD Samsung 840 Pro 240 GB (without data or any OS on it) installed in HD bay

I've ordered a new cable, but I'd like to use the SSD untill then, if it was possible so I decided to change my HDD (that on working properly SATA cable) and SDD (that on defective SATA cable) in places and restore Mac OS via external HDD with Time Machine image on faster SSD. So now my new SSD on the optical drive bay with working properly SATA cable and HDD on HD bay with defective SATA cable.


And I faced a problem...

1. I've made configuration of SSD and erased the contents of the SSD and formated it as "Mac O S Extended (Journaled)" with a single GUID partition.

2. I chose the most fresh Image on my HDD that has been prepared in advance and started to wait.

3. The recovery of the system froze on 0,5% and estimated time started to rapidly increase. I've cancelled it when estimated time of full recovery was about 24 hours. System hanged and I turned it off by pressing POWER button.

4. I repeated all the operations again.

5. The recovery froze on 3,8% and estimated time started to grow up again.

6. I've took a look on log file and saw that some host can't be reached or found.



Do you know what is the problem?

Thank you!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)