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    I did not know that. I stand corrected.


    Thanks for the info.

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    Hi pretzelcuatl
    my FCP are in the Application folder and not in a sub folder. Could it be because I loaded from disc images and not the original set of disc and thats why they will not update.

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    Hi all. Intersesting discussion. I upgraded to Mavericks 10.9 under the impression that FCS 7 would work OK - only to find it quits immediately it is opened with the options "OK" or "Relaunch'. Neither option helps and Apple are of no help whatsoever. I do own FCP X but am still to learn how to drive it properly and have projects on 7 to finish so it's important to open it. Apple inform me that I cannot reload an older version of OS10 so I'm in the s@#$. Can anyone help. I have tried to reinstall FC Studio which was from an update so life is damned hard. Please help.

  • Posthumous Level 2 (235 points)

    If you upgraded from an older OS that was installed you can go back. Did you Time machine backup before the upgrade?


    Did you have FCPX installed first, then instal FCP7? Are all your Final Cut Studio apps in a folder in your applications folder called "final Cut Studio"? If not create one and put all of them in there and see if that helps.


    If all that fails try unistalling both and install FCP7 first.


    Follow the instruction here:



    There's instruction for having them on a separate partition and below it for having it on the same partition. I have mine on the same partition with no problems.


    Good luck.

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    You are talking about maverick, wait until you here about Yosemite, the worst system ever. nothing but problems.

  • education2 Level 1 (0 points)

    you are not the only one. These people do not allow to go back to the older system because they know their newer system is s***** and people would not use if you can go back. GOOD LUCK

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