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    I can still see my disk in Disk Utility however it is just like AndiRudis where it is listed as DISK0S4 or something like that, and it also seemed to revert to a partition size that I had when I first set up boot camp. It used to be 50gb, I increased to 100gb a few months ago, now the "DISK0S4" is back to 50. I will have to research and try out reFIT and report back.

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    Same issue here. When holding down Alt key to get the different patitions to boot from, my bootcamp is missing. Only have OSX and recovery. Ill have to check to see if its showing up in the disk utility. Wich program is the easiest to use the get data out of the bootcamp partition.

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    I think the issue to not damage boot camp and windows partition is to leave the windows as preferred boot partition in bootcamp. after that you can upgrade your OSX without problem. this was sugested years ago from snowleopard to Lion without damage winxp. I didit 3 hours ago in my iMac 27 (mid 2011) and upgraded lion to mavericks, and win7 ultimate remain bootable and untouched.

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    WHen you click on each partition in DU, what does it show in the details? I.e. XX GB are you able to resize/edit your  os x partition? Click on the main HDD, are you able to verify/repair disk or verify/repair permissions? Do the same with the os x partition if you can and report back. Also restart into recovery and try the same thing in DU. Sounds like it has something to do with your eft folder. Run the DU first though. Download and install rEFit, then restart your computer. I think this will solve your disk partition problem IMO.

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    Send a screenshot of what your Disk Utility looks like right now.

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    On the mac mini of my wife I succesfully installed Mavaricks. I could start Windows 7 by reboot via Bootcamp.

    But now the blue tooth of the mouse did not work. The Apple bluetooth keyboard is functioning correct.

    I installed an usb mouse for the time being. Is there a solution for  this bluetooth mouse problem?

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    Heres the screenshotScreen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.08.19 PM.png

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    Guys, problem is now solved, a guide will be written up shortly.


    It's a very fast fix but you'll have to be willing to dig through terminal.


    Do yourselves a favour and download TESTDISK, and GDISK for your mac right now.


    Here's the link to the forum if your not willing to wait till the official guide.

    you'll find directions i posted for how to find your partition values using TESTDISK, and the rest Chris and TOM wrote up near the end. pretty much from page 48 and on in the discussion,

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    My repair disk looks exactly the same as yours Miguel4g, and if I click repair it says "Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files."

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    OK thanks for the tip. I will do.

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    Hopefully you have a time machine backup. Follow my directions in my first post in this discussion. Download rEFit (no Terminal digging), install, then restart.when you get back to the login screen, restart again and hold option this time. Open disk utility and erase the os x partition. Then go back to the menu and choose "Install OS X", during the install process, you'll be given the option to migrate from another mac or a time machine backup. Choose TMB. After it finishes, you'll esentially have a clean install of OS X, with your partitions correct. It's a longer process, i know, but i've never had my BootCamp partition touched doing it this way when upgrading fromSnow Leapard to Lion, Mountain Lion, and most recently Mavericks. If you arent tech savy, and get easily confused, digging through terminal will only frustrate you further. Doing it the way i instructed will allow you to take a break from the frustration for a little while, while OS X installs lol i hope this fixes your problem, this fix is a little bit "easier" and less frustrating i think.

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    I dont have have a Time Machine backup. Do i need to have a back from when everything was working fine,

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    Just back it up as it is right now. It'll be fine.

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    I may need to wait and see the extent of this terminal guide, I'd rather do some terminal work for 15 minutes rather than an hour dete/reinstall.

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    Install rEFit and do a restart and see if that fixes the problem. I opted for the long process because when i first did an upgrade as soon as I finished downloading mavericks, it took away my admin rights and wouldn't let me boot into Single User Mode. If all else is good with your Mavericks download, just skip the other part I said and go strait to the rEFit part.

    here you go: