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    The new navigation in history and bookmarks is really bad, it is the archaic mode? That's the new ergonomics of Apple products? Cover Flow was ultimately very practical. Instead of trying to improve it, Apple has just removed it. Apple continues to dumb down general functionality.

    Is there an alternative to Cover Flow in Safari?

    Meanwhile, I downgrade to Safari 6.0.5.

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    hello.heeeeeel!!!! how to instal safari 6.0.5 ?

  • mixib Level 1 (0 points)

    It is not simple.

    It seems to me that it is not possible to find Safari 6.0.5 for legal download on the internet.

    At one time, it was possible to find the installer for an application directly from Apple's website in the support / download section. Now, applications and updates are downloaded directly from the Mac App Store, we no longer have access to the installation files.

    [Note : Over time, Apple locks us into its ecosystem and makes us, more and more, hostage to its cloud computing. Apple dispossess us of our applications, take our data (Calendar, Address Book ...) and makes us dependent on its Cloud].


    In my case, I always have two backups on two different external drives.

    These backups are made with Carbon Copy Cloner, which are clones of the internal disk of the iMac, which is a volume Fusion Drive here.

    From a backup, maybe is it possible to simply put in the trash Safari 6.1 and replace it by Safari 6.0.5 from backup. I have not tried it.

    Personally, I backed up my iMac just before the update Safari, so I restarted on an external backup drive, I deleted the internal disk of the iMac with Disk Utility, then I transferred my external backup to the internal drive with Carbon Copy Cloner.

    For 300 GB of data, it takes about 2 hours by USB3. I started the transfer before the lunch break. Upon my return, my iMac was ready.

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    is is simple though and 6.05 is avail for download.  see my post on pg. 2 of this thread.

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    shape wrote:


    ...see my post on pg. 2 of this thread.

    shape ~ This is just a tip... It's possible to link directly to a particular post in a thread:


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    Re: How can I downgrade Safari 6.1 to 6.0.5?



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    ahh, nice one, thanks!  i figured that link would have taken you to the initial post.

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    shape wrote:


    i figured that link would have taken you to the initial post.

    Me too at first. Also, any text can be used for the link... Highlight the text to be linked, click on this Insert Link icon in the toolbar:




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    See this post earlier in the thread.




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    i opened but after that i opened terminal .i can not see a point to open safari by "show contens" becouse everything after i do i n terminal.actually it dasnt work on my me anderstend what i must do after show content eccept terminal.please .all steps u adviced i dan,but after restart i can not open safari..

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    file:///Users/Miska/Desktop/Zrzut%20ekranu%202013-11-9%20o%2019.50.36.png     every 20 minutes

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    tombrist wrote:


    file:///Users/Miska/Desktop/Zrzut%20ekranu%202013-11-9%20o%2019.50.36.png     every 20 minutes

    If you're trying to post an image, use the camera icon in the reply toolbar:




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    Zrzut ekranu 2013-11-9 o 19.50.36.png

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    Thanks.  Did what you said to do and "presto" 6.0.5 is back.  First time Pacifist user not sure what else it does

    but Safari is back.


    thank you

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    Heads up: Safari 7 in Mavericks is *just* as bad as 6.1. So if you are having problems with web sites in V6.1, you will have the same problems with V7 in Mavericks. Do not upgrade.

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    This is what I did.


    Tried to restore safari 6.05 from TIme Machine Backup. Did not work. Gave me a message that Safari couldn't be replace because the operating system needed it.


    Found a 6.05 installer on the internet and tried to reinstall. Did not work. Still ended up with 6.1.


    Restored safari 6.05 from TIme Machine Backup but this time right clicked on Safari and restored safari to the Desktop. I then found Safari 6.1 in the Application folder and right click on it and chose "show package contents" which had one folder named contents. I then click on the restored copy of safari 6.05 that was on the desktop and right clicked on it and chose "show Package Contents" for it. Then I copied the content folder from the 6.05 window to the window for 6.1 and replaced it. Had to enter authorizartion but it copied. IT WORKED.. Started Safari and back to 6.05. All extentions, bookmarks seem fine. I using it now to type this.


    Don't know if this is the right way but it worked for me. Good Luck.


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    reinstal succesfull.sfari nex time updtes just cerryfully.good luck everyone....