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  • wollbratt Level 1 (0 points)

    By the way, I am using lion, 10.7. So if I what Sarge10709 advised, to Press down Cmd+R and reinstall lion (he's advise referred to mountain lion), will that turn it to 6.04? Any one know?

    I appreciate your help!

  • wollbratt Level 1 (0 points)

    shape, u replied message:

    i think it would have been safer to use Pacifist b/c i don't think it can do any harm, but for where you stand now is there a reason why you don't want to use 6.0.5, the latest version before 6.1?  The link provided worked. Somehow this message wasnt displayed in this forum (or I cant find it). The reason for not getting 6.0.5 before, was that DrSFGsaid version 6.0.5 is for mountain lion and not lion 10.7 which i have. I am not sure if this is correct, but it was the 6.1 update that screwed things up, and all i wanted was to downgrade to the version before that which worked with osx 10.7. If you read my lasted post, i managed to get safari working again, and currently running version 5.1.7. I am not sure if it is worth upgrading again to 6.0.5 (if that works with lion), or just stay with the curent version. I read several other forums that people complained about version 6 when using lion 10.7, as it slowed down the program but when running mountain lion it turned alright. The only thing that made sense with version 6 was the search engine, with the combined search engine and webadress field, which was great. But if it is as people say, that version 6 of safari is slower than latest version 5 when running lion 10.7 it is not worth it i guess. I have previously tried to use pacifist with the safari package "Safari5-1-7LionManual.dmg", but could not get it to work to extract version 6.05 or other versions (I described this process in an earlier post). Now when i downloaded the pkg "Safari6.0.5Lion" that your link provided (thanks!), it is different, pacifist now opens the pkg and install is possible, which werent the case with the file "Safari5-1-7LionManual.dmg". One question, I thought pacifist was used to extract a specific version of a program in a bundled package, but the file you provided is only one version (6.0.5) right, so why use pacifist and not just installing it without going through pacifist? As said earlier, I still dont know if it is worth upgrading or not.

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    I have been using Safari 6.0.5 in Lion 10.7.5 since it first came out, without any problems. I would recommend upgrading from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 simply because it plugs some security holes.


    I was in this thread early on and have now used two different methods to recover 6.0.5. I started with reinstalling the Mac OS from the recovery partition (see here) on my 2011 MacBook Air in Mountain Lion 10.8.5.


    For my 2007 Mac Pro in Lion 10.7.5, I then got hold of the separate Safari 6.0.5 installer here and followed shape's instructions here. Both operations worked perfectly without any ill effects whatsoever (see my reply above).

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    Great, I reinstalled Lion and got Safari 5.1.7, which I wanted more than 6.0.

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    hi everyone. i installed maverick on my lion .everything is exelnt now.even new safari has lots of repairs so now i am happy even for that to use new safari.if some does not know ,maverick is free on app store.onesly that system is much lighter then lion ..i give my word ,that safari on maverick is jet now.i rececemend for everyone .... only is sad that history is missing ,but fast gives u satisfaction even without that.

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    I have not found this to be true. Unless there has been an upgrade from V7.0 (which is what you got when Mavericks first was released), there are many web sites that simply do not work with this new version of Safari.


    Have you tried using FedEx's web site with your new version of Safari? I am very interested in knowing. I have Mavericks on one of my computers, and FedEx's web site is a total disaster with V7.0.

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    like i said.safari 7 is fast like a is allright on mine.never seen system what is wake up from sleep in a half of second like mverick. that system is really light and i see big difrence now .have got no any problems witth it

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    @Plmegalo & SomeMacUser1: OUTSTANDING recover! Took all of 5 minutes. One note: if you quit Safari with tabs open BEFORE the downgrade, be sure to kill them and start over once you have downgraded and restarted. I opened the recovered older version of Safari and thought I screwed up. I quickly closed all tabs and launched new windows. VOILA! Thanks so much and Happy Holidays

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