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I have a 1GHz eMac with ATI Graphics, and I would like to install OS X Jaguar onto it, I got my grandpa (who live in Texas) to mail a backup copy of his Jaguar install cd, he said it should work fine but when I go and try to boot to the cd it just goes stairght to the installed OS.


Please help me

Thank you

eMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hello, do you know if it was a Retail Jaguar Install Disc, or a Gray Machine specific one?


    Your eMac came wirh a special version of 10.2... OSX 10.2.5 (6J73)

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    He says he has the Universal Install Disc (he bought it from the store).

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    Not sure about the CD, but why don't you load the ATI Graphics with 10.4 if you still have it? It is a better OS in several ways; more stable for one.

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    I have 10.4 on there but it is two slow for my liking so I want to downgrade

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    I used to have a similar eMac, the 1GHz ATI, which came with 10.2. I upgraded it to 10.3 which was a great OS. This eMac only had 256Kb of RAM as standard. When I added another 512Kb it speeded it up considerably as it did not have to swap data out to the HD as frequently. The performance improvement was quite noticeable.  Later I added a second 512Kb to max it out at 1GB of RAM, but as an example of diminishing returns, it did not improve things much.


    I did not run Tiger on it, but did install 10.5 and found that taxed the resources too heavily making it too slow and so went back to 10.3.


    Before you give up on 10.4, which I imagined the 1GHz ATI would run well on, have you maxed out the RAM to 1GHz, and allowed for sufficient free space on the small hard drive, say keeping about 10GB free?

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    I currently have 768 Mb of ram installed, and I also borrowed a 10.3 install disc from my friemd so I will try that. Also I found out this mac is to my knowledge capable of running OS 9, so I would like to have a dual boot of that is possible, I read it is for some select models thought so could you tell me if I have the right model:


    eMac 1GHz ATI Graphics

    EMC: 1955

    Model ID: PowerMac4,4

    Model Number: A1002

    Ram: 768 MB

    Hard Drive: 40GB

    CD-ROM Model: GCR-8533B


    Thank You

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    There were two models, one with a CD reader that could boot both, z& one with a CD/DVD reader that could only boot OSX.


    I specially ordered the one that could boot OS9, but never reall got it to do that other than a tiny 320*240 sceen in the middle of the display. It can still run Classic OS9 emulation using Classic while booted from OSX.

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    Well after trying to get OS 9 to boot I have had sucess so I think mine is not capable of doing that which is a shame. Maybe I'll try putting the original CD drive back in.

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    OK, good luck!