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    I see you have reverted, but for other users following this post, before you revert, do this simple te





    Go to System Preferences --> Create a New User in Accounts. Switch to the New User by logging out/in or use Fast User Switching.


    Open Word. It won’t be in the Dock in the new User. Go to Applications to open.



    Do you still see the issue?



        If yes, then the problem is with your base files.

        If no, then the problem is in your User's folder.



    It Word is faster in the new User....


    Run Font Book and validate fonts. There are many duplicate fonts in the Microsoft font folder. The Apple versions are newer. Delete Font caches afterwards.

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    Three words: Time Machine Backup. Restore from a point before you installed Mavericks.

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    Thanks for this discussion. It has been very useful. I have a late 2008 MacBook that, until yesterday, was still operating on Leopard (10.5.8). Yesterday, I upgraded to Snow Leopard using the DVD and, wow, my computer worked smoother and faster than it ever has. I used it for a couple hours and then upgraded to Mavericks and my computer became sluggish and non-responsive again. For whatever reason, I think my computer might do better on Snow Leopard.


    From what I gather, I should be able to follow these steps, yes?



    However, I did NOT back up my time machine on Snow Leopard; my last time machine save was on Leopard just before I upgraded to SL. So here are my questions:


    If I did decide to downgrade from Mavericks, what would I want to do: restore my computer using time machine (back to Leopard I presume) and then upgrade up to SL using the DVD? OR would I want to erase my computer, resinstall SL and then use time machine to restore my files? The first option seems to make sense, but I am worried about making such a big leap from Mavericks to Leopard. Trusting my computer to my time machine's external harddrive also makes me nervous!


    If speed and responsiveness are my issues, I wonder if I should increase my memory and keep Mavericks. I only have 2GB. Maybe boosting my memory (to 4GB) would be the easist, less anxiety-provoking solution?



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    Thank you both Emma and Debsquared for being so brave and informative,,,,,,quick question,,,, before you reverted back 10.6.8, did you save your new word documents on Mavericks by backing them up on Time Machine BEFORE reverting? Then AFTER reverting how did you retrieve your word documents?

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    to debsquared, thanks so much for this link: I used it to revert back to Snow Leopard when Mavericks slowed Garageband '11 to a crawl, often freezing it altogether on a 2009 Macbook Pro with 8gb RAM. Spotlight had long since finished indexing and no other programs were running in the background, so I have no idea what the problem was, but I'm thrilled to have Snow Leopard back (all files and programs intact) and Garageband is running perfectly again. I have nothing against Mavericks which is running beautifully on my other 2 Macs. For whatever reason it just didn't play well with Garageband 11 and that's the main thing I use on that particular Mac. By the way, I did try the new free version of Garageband but hated it because many essential, familiar controls are now inexplicably hidden...what used to be incredibly user-friendly is now some kind of maddening treasure hunt. Anyway, thanks to debsquared, Frank Caggiano and everyone else who contributed to this VERY helpful thread.

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    This is how i did it.


    First i made i TM of my mavericks machine.


    Had a previous TM of Mountain Lion on a different disk.


    Restored to ML using timemachine.


    Then used Migration assistant to copy over all my files from the Mavericks TM i just did to Mountain Lion.


    Worked like a charm.


    If you dont have a old tm of SL, Lion or ML just do a cmd + option and R key to do a internet recovery, from there just install the old OS, update it via app store if you once bought ML for example, then use the backup you did in Mavericks and transfer the documents from that to your ML or lion etc...


    FYI: i rollbacked just because i noticed using usb<dvi adapters caused serious flickering issues in Mavericks, very unfortunate cause i really enjoyed it. Will wait for apple to adress these issues.

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    chimaira77 wrote:


    FYI: i rollbacked just because i noticed using usb<dvi adapters caused serious flickering issues in Mavericks, very unfortunate cause i really enjoyed it. Will wait for apple to adress these issues.

    Have you let Apple know?







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    I upgraded to Mavericks and everything ( hardware and software ) is acting like I have been thrust back to the "good old days" of babysitting my PC windows based computers before I converted to MAC 5 years ago. I am very suprised to even be confronted with such a situation of what appears to be an absence of QA at Apple. Filemaker, and Entourage have imploded. Everything is slow and unstable. Steve Jobs would be outraged.  Sad to now be suspicious of Apple quality control.....

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    The Original Poster has marked this thread as solved. So read back and see what worked for them to solve their problem.





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    I did the same method as this link to downgrade Mavericks (10.9) to Snow Leopard (10.6.8). Everything work fine except audio functions. NO SOUND AT ALL even when I plug in headphone. The built-in microphone seemly not working also.


    I already checked Sound Settings in System Preferences. Everything is normal but there's still no sound. I tried to boot in Windows partition and also NO SOUND.


    Anyone encountered this problems can give me some advices ? Tks very much!


    P/S: My problems with Mavericks so far are: Hard drive was eaten up with no reason, 20 free Gbz just slowly disappear until it said no more free space then the OS become very slow. And the NO SOUND issue suddenly happened. Sound is back after booting in safe mode then restart, but this issue keep happen again until I decide to revert to my previous OS

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    I too have been having issues since upgrading from Late 09 SL to Mavericks. Lately my OS decides to shut down intermittentently and unannounced. I've done everything, disk check, repair permissions, I am only utilizing 32gb of space yet my ram is spiking constantly since installing Mavericks. Ther error codes are different each time too. Prior to Mav I was able to simply drag and drop onto an external HD as well as rename as an excel file to the external HD. Now with Mavericks, the external HD needs to be completely erased and formatted prior to doing a TM back up. I might add, this is something I've never done nor felt necessary. I have never in 5 years had i glitch with my mac until Mavericks, which brings me to this question. If I revert back to SL, can I open my number and pages files in the legacy OS since Apple has done updates to the programs? I've read feedback from others on this message board pertaining to renaming the folders as well as reformatting the external HD, which I plan to do prior to reinstalling the SL. I am also a bit concerned about Koi's sound issue....


    And before the lectures start, Yes, I agree I should be going to the newest OS, but I will wait until they work out more of the kinks. Having read reviews here and other blogs, I think they rushed it, and just gave the tires a good kickingwithout a full test drive.


    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    johnnyc1114 wrote:


    but I will wait until they work out more of the kinks. Having read reviews here and other blogs, I think they rushed it, and just gave the tires a good kickingwithout a full test drive.


    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

    So you condemn it without using it? What feedback are you expecting? It worries no one what OSX you want to use.


    Good luck



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    In case anyone has been reading this thread to see the outcome, I'll fill you in:
         I went from Snow Leopard to Mavericks since November without an issue until 2 weeks ago when the system started intermittently shutting down a few weeks after updating to 10.9.1. I've tried some remedies I read on various threads and other site blogs. I ran the extended hardware test with 3 passes - no errors. disk repair, nothing, repaired disk permissions, but still shut down.  So Saturday I called Apple. We did a complete erase and clean install of Mavericks, then went through my library and old system files that were causing the kernel tasks to spike. The way the tech explained it, for some reason the latest updated brought them back from the dead (blackberry & parallels for example). We cleaned system caches, user caches, checked start up items as well. HE advised I do another hardware test just to make certain and again nothing showed. Monday and Tuesday the system started shutting down again, so I ran the extended hardware test. First pass, nothing. Second pass showed an error on the ram port. I shutdown and restarted and did the same, third pass showed an error on the other ram port. I shut down the system, unplugged, held down the power button, then took out the ram. After waiting a few minutes I rotated the ram into opposite sides and into the unused ports. 3 extended hardware tests came up negative.

         Wednesday the tech got back to me, we ran a diagnostic on my system which he sent to his inside technicians awaiting results. The errors were reporting errors from the video to the ram, which rectified itself when I rotated and reseated the ram.

         Sorry this is so long, but I am very happy. First off, it didn't cost a thing since it was all associated with Mavericks. Secondly, looks like I'll get a lot more years out of my mac then I ever had from anything Mr Gates made.

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    Same thing.   Mavericks ruined my mouse scroll.   I was not brave enough to downgrade the OS, I just did this to fix the mouse in Mavericks:


    1. Click gears thing in the Dock (System Preferences)
    2. Click Mouse icon
    3. Uncheck the box "Scroll direction: Natural"


    Btw, what's "natural" about being upside down?  ***.


    Somehow I don't think Jobs would have let this happen.  Lots of criticism about him being maniacal and a control freak, but is the alternative a rudderless ship?

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    As per the topic of this thread, use the backup you made before choosing to upgrade to Mavericks and follow here


    OS X Mavericks: Revert to a previous OS X version