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Installed Mavericks on the following computer:

MacBook Pro

Retina, Mid 2012


Processor  2.7 GHz Intel Core i7

Memory  16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics  Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB

Software  OS X 10.9 (13A603)


Safari won't, but sometimes will, go to the URL.

The URL for the Apple forums is apple.com alone. Don't see https://discussions.apple.com with the rest of the URL. When I click on any other tabs I get the same https://discussions.apple.com/~~ URL.

Tabs don't work. Get Untitled Folders instead. Can only enter a URL in one window, so a new URL replaces the URL that is already there.

Safari stalled after I entered my Apple ID. Screen went white.

The Safari Preferences window won't close using the red go-away button. Have to logoff and login Safari.

Top Sites gone.

N.B. Installed Safari 6.1 before Mavericks because it said the Safari upgrade was for Mountain Lion. Got Top Sites and everything seemed to work. As soon as I installed Mavericks, it was a mess.

EDIT: Oh yeah, last action was to delete Safari plist with the hex numbers in the name in the ~/library/Preferences/ByHost folder, per instructions elsewhere on this forum.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to download Safari and install again over Mavericks?


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