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  • Evan Forman Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Dan, your points are 100% valid (and I agree with your implicit point that poeple on these forums frequently overreact and take things personally), but that is not the best or most convenient solution.  Podcast producers could, I'm sure, benefit from some of the upgrades in the new version of GB, and it just doesn't make sense that Apple would remove the elements that provide the capacity to produce podcasts--they can't account for more than 3 or 4% of GB's overall feature set.  It's just puzzling, esp. when they have been so assidous in their upgrades to other podcast-related tools, like Apple TV and the iOS app.



  • Blueberry Level 4 Level 4 (2,905 points)

    I am sure Apple didn't _remove_ podcasting. GarageBand X seems to be a 100% clone of the recently released Logic Pro X which means: it is indeed a completely new application. Older versions were based on Logic, but had a totally different UI. This is no longer the case. They did however integrate Learn to Play, but Podcasting didn't make it.

  • Edgar Level 4 Level 4 (1,765 points)

    Blueberry wrote:


    I am sure Apple didn't _remove_ podcasting. GarageBand X seems to be a 100% clone of the recently released Logic Pro X ..... They did however integrate Learn to Play, but Podcasting didn't make it.


    You are right. GarageBand X is Logic Pro X, just less of it. However, the reason that they chose to keep Learn to Play (which is not in LPX) shows that they can keep features in GarageBand if they want to. So I guess if they wanted to, they could have kept the Podcast ability, or Magic GarageBand?


    Apple seems to have a love-hate relationship with Posdcasts in general and don't seem to know what their position is at the moment. WIth the termination of the podcast feature, it seems that the meter moved a little bit towards the "hate" on the scale.


    If you are a podcaster who uses the Podcast feature in GarageBand and post that on your website that you create with iWeb where you also sell your DVDs that you create with iDVD and keep track of your sales in the database Bento (owned by FIleMaker, a subsidary of Apple), then I think you're facing tough times.


    BTW, I found the Master Echo/Reverb. You have to activate it in the Preferences first to show up in the Smart Controls window. Still haven't found the actual Master controls for that. Must keep on digging ...


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich

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    it's a pitty. the only reason I use GB is for Podcast. I've made hundreds of episodes (literaly), and like a lot the "chapter" utility and podcast track configuration. I will use the old version to make them, but its a big flaw that apple discontinue podcast features in this new version.

    I don't care about making music, I want to show them in my radio show. for me, this is equally important when we talk abou music.

    btw, the Podcast iPhone app still have a bug in the "chapter list".


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    Actually it's completely gone. I tried opening my Podcast show from last week, it stated that it is not supporting it.


    Called Apple Hotline they confirmed it... so that's still a betrayal to me.


    Also, the old version of GB is super slow and doesn't work well with Podcasting anymore, it's oversized when the projects are finished and it lags in every small adjustment while you work on the show. It was in dire need of an upgrade, so yeah I am stuck with the Old one but I find it terrible that it is now a dead software and will never see an update in Garageband as they just took it out.


    I'm just saying, I find it disgusting that they have given birth to a community who loves and even lives off of podcasting and now, suddenly the community they built, is not being supported by Apple. What was so painful to Apple that they had to kill it off? Who was in charge of this decision! I would love to know who was responsible for this.

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    Apple dropped the ball on this one, BIG TIME!! Why they would remove the podcast feature is beyond me, seeing that so many people produce podcasts. Hopefuly they will listen and add the podcast feature back to the new version of GB. I dont really care about the new insturments, etc, a la Logic X. I use Ableton for that.At least the original version of GB is still in place, so no worries, I can still get my podcast on.


    Apple needs to fix this ASAP

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    It is easy to answer the question why did they kill it. Because they don't make money off of it.

  • Blueberry Level 4 Level 4 (2,905 points)

    GarageBand is free and any of the stuff you create also doesn't make Apple any money... Your reasoning is flawed.

  • Brian Morris Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In app purchases? Third party upgrades/apps that have to pay the Apple Tax? The program is free but there are ways to make money. Apple is not a bevelont being, they are a company and beholden to their share holders.

  • Evan Forman Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Apple just released a support document that talks about features to be added back into the new iWork desktop apps:



    Hopefully an iLife version of this document is not far behind, and it will include podcasting features in Garageband.



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    I'll add my voice to ask Apple for the reinstating of the podcast functionnalities in GarageBand.

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    Been using enhanced podcasts for my physics and astronomy lectures for maybe 5 years.  Started with GarageBand, but it was too time consuming; switched to Profcast, but it is no longer supported or developed.  Now in 10.9 system, I got a lot of nothing.


    Frustration City, USA.


    SO... I have to record my Keynote presentation, export is to a gigantic .mov and drop that clunker into my university's iTunes U area?  GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR

  • léonie Level 9 Level 9 (67,770 points)

    I'll add my voice to ask Apple for the reinstating of the podcast functionnalities in GarageBand.

    For the time being, use GArageBand '11 for your podcasts, until GarageBand 10.0 has been updated to support more features. The GB 10.0 installer left GarageBand '11 installed; both versions can be used independently.

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    Classic pattern of company's getting out of touch with the market or their audience. On the other hand maybe Podcasting was avery small part of the market using GB. Dont know but there is a market there and the company who understands this will be successful. Maybe Apple will surprise us and come out with a podcasting tool....and Im not holding my breath.