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    Took me 10 minutes but I finally found tiered numbers:

    Select Numbered list following by the down arrow by bullets.

    Hardly intuitive but at least it is there.

  • T2YUKI Level 1 (75 points)

    Lots of missing items.  Clicking to the Services' contextual menu is a minor change but a very usefull feature which I was looking for.

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    For the benefit of those newly reading this thread and the journalists visiting this thread, here is an updated list of the features we know have been removed from Pages 5:


    Removed Features:


    1. Selecting non-contiguous text


    2. Outline view


    3. Customizable Toolbar


    4. 135 templates


    5. Capture pages/sections


    6. Drag to reorganize pages


    7. Duplicate pages


    8. Delete page


    9. Manage Pages


    10. Subscript/superscript buttons


    11. Select all instances of a Style


    12. Retain zoom level of document


    13. Facing pages


    14. Layout Margins


    15. Media Inspector links to iPhoto library on external drive


    16. Media Inspector links to Aperture Library


    17. Styles Drawer


    18. Merge Fields


    19. Drag and Drop VCards


    20. Default Start Up page


    21. Vertical Ruler


    22. Drag-out Vertical (and Horizontal) Alignment Guides


    23. Style Function key shortcuts




    25. Hyperlinks to external documents


    26. Images within Tables


    27. Mathtype Equations/Formulae within Tables (and other Objects?)


    28. Grapher Equations/Formulae within Tables (and other Objects?)


    29. Import Styles


    30. Clean Import of older .pages formatting


    31. Full User Guide (there is a short online guide missing many features)


    32. Search Sidebar


    33. Open Type features


    34. Textbox linking


    35. Background Object selectable


    36. Storyboards


    37. Text to Tables


    38. Tables to Text


    39. Tables in Headers/Footers


    40. Export to .rtf


    41. Import from .rtf


    42. Multiple Comments view


    43. T.O.C. clean numbering


    44. Selective formating in Character Styles


    45. Insert File Name


    46. Search in Media Browser


    47. Bullet points in comments


    48. Search comments


    49. Two up view


    50. "Past and keep" style


    51. Custom Auto-correct


    52. Find & Replace special characters, (e.g. paragraph returns)


    53. Auto-Dates on opening document


    54. Speech to Text


    55. Format Bar


    56. Open Pages '08 documents


    57. Headers in Tables


    58. Sync with iOS6


    59. Auto capitalise sentence start


    60. Open .doc files


    61. Roman Numeral Page Numbers


    62. Character count including spaces


    63. Import linked Numbers Charts


    64. Styles, including bulletted lists


    65. Recent fonts at top of Font List


    66. Page of Page Count at foot of Window


    67. Full Screen background color


    68. Font name matching between OSX and iOS


    69. Copy/Paste from Pages '09 to Pages 5


    70. Certain Fonts ( e.g. WingDings)


    71. Saving onto Windows server


    72. Status bar


    73. Drag out inserted image to Finder.


    74. Uninstall permanently


    75. Rotate Tables


    76. Rotate Charts


    77. Display non-printable margins


    78. Group pie wedges in Charts


    79. OSX Spotlight Metadata


    80. Custom number formats in charts


    81. Table fills


    82. Copy Paste of citation text and footnotes


    83. Change tracking for non-body text


    84. Open Recent from Template Chooser


    85. Opentype features


    86. Copy/Paste Thumbnails across documents


    87. Insert Filename


    Altered Features:


    ↪ Pages '09 files saved from Pages 5 in Maverick are not protected by a simple name change eg (converted appended)


    ↪ Pages '09 files previewed on iPad via iCloud are irrevocably converted


    ↪ Update is missing for older installations, Apple is reportedly working on a solution via a redeemable code or update on their Support Download site


    ↪ Wrap methods have been cut back severely


    ↪ Documents reconverted back to Pages '09 lose all template information


    ↪ Language set under Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar now document wide


    ↪ Subscript/superscript text is now a convoluted route Gear > Advanced options > Baseline > Subscript/Superscript


    ↪ Headers and Footers appear to be multi-column


    ↪ Text is not wrapping in Footers


    ↪ New file format (but still .pages?) not backwardly compatible


    ↪ Page numbering method changed


    ↪ Custom Templates are now stored in ~/Library/Containers/ (a package)


    ↪ AppleScript Library for Pages 5 has changed with many classes and commands removed which indicates how the feature lists have been slashed


    ↪ Character Styles are in the Text Inspector under Bold, Italic etc


    ↪ Tabbing within Table cells appears to be inconsistent, tabbing internally with numbers.


    ↪ Drag and Drop text only works with .txt files now


    ↪ EndNote plugin is partially broken unable to cite in footnotes and problems with in-text numbering


    ↪ List options are now in a pop-down menu in the contextual Inspector


    ↪ .doc no longer supported, only .docx


    ↪ Text highlighting is now under Format > gear icon > Advanced Options > Character Fill Color > Color


    ↪ Mail Merge has changed. Some people are reporting links not working despite Merge is still in the Insert Menu


    ↪ Merging Table cells is now: select the cell/s > Format > Table > Merge


    ↪ Unmerge cells only undoes the above


    ↪ Table Borders is now: select the cell/s > Format > Table > Cell > click on triangle > choose


    ↪ Quicklook preview of Pages '09 files in Maverick is reportedly buggy


    ↪ Layout Breaks work differently. You select the paragraphs you want as an exception and then change the column numbers. Currently can't find how to set before and after spacing or margin inset btw This is a totally undocumented and hidden procedure.


    ↪ Word Count is now Menu > View > Show Word Count


    ↪ Bookmarks are missing in Pages 5 but are still retained if exported back to Pages '09


    ↪ Bolding requires clicking on style and checking Emphasis


    ↪ Save as… is back

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    You should check this thread. As most of us have Pages '09 we've neglected issues with Pages '08. They are in for a different world of hurt in that there is no migration path into Pages 5. They simply get a 'document too old' warning with a suggestion to migrate through Pages '09, which of course many don't have.


    How to open my  Pages 3.0 documents on Pages 5



  • enteecee Level 2 (315 points)

    Thnak you!  Do you know if it works to alias it?

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,040 points)

    Last List Notice


    I have now done a comprehensive check through of Pages 5 and have a long list of notes which I shall have to edit and put into a much more readable form.


    Currently I am interstate and not at my desk so bear with me whilst I write up the list and add a review of additions, removals, alterations, new methods and some suspected bugs.


    You will be pleased that I found some more worthy additions and improvements and thankfully very few extra removals beyond what has been already noted.


    Long as the removals list is, I have found, as expected, that some are not gone but just somewhere else.


    I have not had a chance to try and cycle files between versions and devices and that may prove difficult unless I can get a few volunteers with the right gadgets to try moving files around to see what happens.


    This forum is not an ideal place to post the final summary, because I can not format and link the results so I will post it in a new Pages 5 section that I will create in:



    ETA some time next week.



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    Missing Custom Document / Page Sizes.

  • crumvoc Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone know if/how Pages 09 (4.3) can be loaded into a new Mavericks machine? 

  • James Hassinger Level 1 (70 points)

    And this is what Apple does to its software approximately every single time. Looked at one way, I think the whole property is much more valuable with the same code base, and feature parity for every platform. Do that, Microsoft. I imagine the feature set will improve. I think we should be militant about what we want back. Start buying competitors' stuff. However, one of the greatest things about Apple is that they WILL destroy software and build it back again. 64-bit codebase, the same feature set in the browser, including Windows browsers, including Chrome, and on the iDevices. They should tell you ahead of time that they're destroying what they built, with the story of where they're headed. Then you could run the BETA or NewPages or whatever, save to the new format from the old. The new file format is xmls with little compiled bits of text. Small bits, see? Loads quick on a 3GS and the MacPro.


    It should not have needed a warning, though. Let the new develop in the shell of the Old, Apple!

  • pinkuff Level 1 (25 points)

    Of course it can, it's probably on an iWork '09 folder on your machine already - see here:


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    Another feature that I miss and I haven't found in the list (sorry, I didn't go through all 60 pages of posts) is the images on headers and footers.


    They are removed. If your company had its logo there, it just disappears...

  • pinkuff Level 1 (25 points)

    Great job, Peter, looking forward to the final list which I will link also from the Facebook Page

  • pinkuff Level 1 (25 points)

    Indeed so - one of the very first thing everybody notices because we all had our letterhead savaged by Pages 5.

    Well, not everybody, somebody DID NOT WANT letterhead in the first place


    <Edited By Host>

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    Thank you, Peter!

  • mgamer Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks al lot, Peter! I hope this helps in bringin back the "lost features".

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