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   For us still holding on to iTunes 10.7, does upgrading to Mavericks automatically install iTunes 11?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    abombaci wrote:


       For us still holding on to iTunes 10.7, does upgrading to Mavericks automatically install iTunes 11?

    Same question here. I'm not at all willing to loose my iTunes 10.7.

    Would it be possible to avoid the replacement to version 11 by using Pacifist. If so can any one more

    proficient give me clear instructions how to proceed ??


    Macbook Pro (15-inch early 2011), Mountain Lion 10.8.5, 16GB Memory

    Parallels desktop 9.0.2316, Windows 7 (64bit)

  • C F McBlob Level 4 (2,865 points)

    Yes... in fact mine just updated to 11.1.2

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    Just installed Mac OSX Mavericks, and it doesnt auto-update Itune. iTunes shows up in the Mac Appstore as a system update and you may decide not to update it (as long as you deselect ”update my apps automatically”)

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    I was running Mountain Lion with iTunes 10.7, and the upgrade for Mavericks did indeed update iTunes to 11. But I pretty easily able to get 10.7 back on. There was one little hiccup involving the latest version of Pacifist (it didn't want to work), but a slightly older version did. There's a link to that version along with instructions here: http://awesometoast.com/downgrading-to-itunes-10-7-from-itunes-11-on-osx/


    Also, it can save you a lot of time if you never open the new iTunes after installing Mavericks. That way, your iTunes library files never get changed and don't have to be restored from backups.

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    Why are you saying it doesn't auto update and other people are saying  it does?

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    Just to be clear Bucharest021: Were you running iTunes 10.7 before updating to Mavericks? And you are saying that as long as you deselect updating apps automatically, that iTunes won't update to version 11 in Mavericks and that iTunes 10.7 still works OK in Mavericks?


    Thanks for your help!

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       Yeah, were excited to hear your reply!

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    try to upgrade any app or to download any app from Mac App Store!!!  does it work???


    upd: have found the answer in ur blog

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    A solution for re-installing iTunes 10.7 in Mavericks:



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    a bit unusable solution - need some step by step instruction. for example, itunes 11 is "unrenameable" - i can't rename it.


    how we should instal itunes 10? aftrer 11.1.2 has been installed or before?


    waiting for more info

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    i have installed itunes 10.7 together with itunes 11 but the problem with the error 42408 remained - with this error u can't purchase or download any app in App Store (itunes app store).


    For those people who don't have ios devices this problem is not so critical. Also with this problem iTunes Match doesn't work.   so, may be this solution is usefeull for somebody. thanks any way.

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    have found that problem with MAS is caused by replacing CoreFP.framework during installing itunes 10.7 via pacifist. After pacifist have replaced that framework MAS doen't work.


    But if we don't replace CoreFP.framework we get an error -42408 which doesn't allow to sign in iTunes Store, iTunes Match and etc in iTunes 10.7. But MAS will work fine.


    So, the problem is in that framework. May be somebody knows how solve this problem?