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    I use Google Apps which is a proffesinal service  for business...  I had been using outlook but my IT guy recommended that I use because outlook has issues with mailboxes larger than 4G.


    I backup my email yearly...  I didn't last year because we switch the entire office to Mac's and I just had not gotten around to it, plus because we pay for hosting service, in this case google apps, my mail is backed up on their servers...


    Also, please note that I do blame my self...  I was just advicing people to be careful because in the process of moving my email to back it up, I endup up loosing my files.





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    Well, I stand corrected.


    Honestly, I am very surprised to hear that people are *paying* Google for GMail. I personally would advise against that, but given that you are, I would suggest getting their support involved in this discussion.


    And I'm happy to hear that "it used to work" for some people, but I don't know how it ever did. GMail is not standard IMAP and we've heard in this discussion about different ways it fails with different IMAP clients. It's easy to point fingers at Apple's program (and I agree, it apparently still has some bugs, although I myself am not seeing any GMail-related ones after the update) but I still feel that this whole issue would have been avoided if GMail had simply supported standard IMAP from the start.


    Not to get suspicious, but arguably GMail is deliberately different in order to steer customers to Google's official Mail reading app (and their web site). They prefer you to not use other IMAP programs because they want to control the ecosystem.


    [As an example, I read that GMail began phasing out push notifications to Apple devices at the beginning of 2013. But if you use their official GMail App, you'll still get push notifications.]



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    I removed the account from


    Not sure how big is your inbox, but I cleaned my inbox...  I only have the last 30 days in it.


    Then I resetup the account in using the google seetting.


    I modified the smtp to 465.


    I unchecked the drafts in mailbox behavior.


    The all mail just downloaded and it seems to be working fine!


    I'll keep you posted if anythign changes.



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    google apps is the alternative to microsoft exchange, and it's supposed to work better if you're all apple.  At least that's what i thought...

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    It worked and it still works in all other mail clients except And this happened exactly after the upgrade to Mavericks. As somebody proposed we would like to have v6.0 back and we won't complain any more.

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    Again, glad it worked for you, and I'm glad that it works "in all other mail clients" for you. Others have not had such a smooth experience.


    Here's an article written by Joe Kissel, explaining why he's moving off of GMail. (He's the same guy who wrote the much-quoted TidBITS article last month about the changes in the new Mail.) Admittedly, this is Apple-centric, and the recent problems play heavily into his decision, but he also explains some of the problems that GMail has (with any IMAP client) because of its non-standard behaviors.


    I myself am sticking with GMail for my personal correspondence, as my needs are light, and I'm not seeing any bugs at present. But if I ever have a need for a business solution, I think I will look elsewhere.



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    For a business, it may not be a good idea to use gmail (or any other email provider) directly, better ceate an email address specifically for your business and point it to gmail. That way, you are not stuck with the provider and, if you need or want to change for any reason, you can just redirect to another email account.

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    hi anon2828,

    i had the same problem. i did the process of unchecking it > closing > saving > going back to find it still checked, multiple times the first day. but then magically, the second day when i went back to check, it was UNchecked.

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    hi todd smith9,


    check out the conversation @


    of course, don't take the advice of my first long post (unless you just want to experiment), as it was given the day after upgrading to mavericks, BEFORE the update came out.

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    hi ge depena,


    that was true AFTER mavericks upgrade but BEFORE the recent mail update.


    hope that helps.

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    hi sb11462,


    wow, i am SO tempted to do that also!!!


    been using gmail for years. always loved it. always thought it superior. migrated a lot of friends to it. but now, after this experience, i've seriously been considering the switch. good to know you did that successfully. i guess now it's just a matter of pride & OCD - if i can get over those, i may switch too.




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    I have generally had no problems with Gmail over the years. Plus I'm grandfathered in with several "Google doc" accounts with private domains and 50 users. So I wouldn't want to give that up.


    The problems didn't happen until Mavericks Mail, so I obviously blame Mavericks. For now, I'm using Airmail ($1.99 in the app store) with basically no real problems, except a few eccentricities I'm working around.



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    hi barkofdelight,


    just an FYI... i've used gmail imap with mac mail for many many years flawlessly till now. the key was to set it up in mac mail a certain way and it always played nice with gmail's weird way of doing things. always until mavericks, that is.


    can see some more info @



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    hi gdepena again,


    you might be interested in a smaller discussion (in addition to this) @



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    Thanks!  I saw that awesome post of yours and already commented on it!  I had read a similar article but I just got frustrated on how long it was taking for my email to sync....  So i tried to move and then i thought it was exported properly then i deleted from gmail.  when I went back to check my exported mbox i realized that it did not export...


    we become horters of digital...  this is a good way to purge!



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