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So i downloaded the new iWork suite. Effectively it is horrible compared to Pages '09. How could it take 4 years to make a word processor ~50% worse?


Anyhow, unfortunately i have opened an important document in Pages 5. While the old Pages app is still in my Application folder it wont let me open this document anymore in Pages '09. It seems on opening it once it converts it to Pages 5 and this isn't backwards compatible with Pages '09. Another awesome feature of this wonder software (sic)!!!!




a) warning for others - be very careful opening anything important in Pages 5 unless you are sure you want to stick with this app


b) does anyone have any suggestions for getting the document to work again with Pages '09??



MBA, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You can convert it back to Pages '09 by doing File > Export To > Pages'09 .

    Just did it after the new Pages changed my '09 document to singles pages from facing pages. Had to open the converted file in '09 and change the setting back to Facing pages to get my old file back.


    Apple please fix this. This is a MAJOR issue for a lot of users.

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    In Pages 5 you can use the command in the File menu > Export To >Pages '09…

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    The only way to do it without losing stuff appears to be to restore the original file from a backup (e.g. Time Machine). 


    If you export back to '09 format, some stuff appears to get lost along the way.  In particular the exported versions appears to lose all the 'template sections' from the original file - so you can no longer work with these features.


    This kind of thing reminds me very much of the games that occurred when MS introduced the "docx" format: formats presumably need to evolve - but simply removing swathes of functionality without warning is a bit off I think.

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    The free iOS update of Pages to 2.0.1 converted my docs on iCloud to Pages 5 and Pages '09 cannot open them. I am looking for an alternatvie to convert Pages 5 to Word without paying for Pages 5. Does anyone know how to do this? I would pay for a good third party app.

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    None known.



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    Does anyone else have the problem that this feature just does not work? When I try to export to Pages 09 from Pages 5.0 the file created is still NOT openable in Pages 09.


    Given that Pages 5.0 is so much harder to use, got rid of many important features to the point where I'm finding it unusable, and frequently crashes, I'm trying to switch back to Pages 09. The fact that some files I've edited since I upgraded won't export back is a real problem.

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    Assumption: Latest IOS version of Adobe Reader installed.


    When you first open IOS Pages v2.0.1 and see your array of .pages documents, you can tap the Share icon in the toolbar, and select the Open in Another App menu item. Now you tap the document you want, and the Choose a format panel slides up. Here you can tap Word, the document is converted to .docx, and you are offered the opportunity to Choose App.


    Tap Choose App, and then select Open in Adobe Reader. On the Reader toolbar, there is the IOS Share icon on the right. Tap this icon, and then select e-mail document. A standard e-mail interface will appear. Notice that the attachment is the MS Word (.docx) export of your .pages document. Send and open the E-mail on OS X.


    On receipt of the mail item, you can save the .docx, and then open it with any application capable of that format, including Pages ’09 v4+.

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    I have the same problem plus a lot more: I have a new desktop, an old laptop and an old iphone. I cannot exchange documents between my machines without major issues. I thought for a while that Apple was finally capable to generate application software. It's back to the Claris disaster. I am reluctantly switching back to Microsoft but it seems to be the only way.

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    Thanks. This solves my problem. I should have read this before I posted.

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    I have the same problem of the actualy 'Export to Page '09' just not working. Thanks Apple for making spend more time copy/pasting and reformatting all my documents.

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    So I recently had this same issue and attempted to "Export to Pages '09", and save it back into the same folder I'd been editing the Pages doc from... Except when I'd open the document, it'd have some weird error that it couldn't find some database and the document wouldn't open. So I kept thinking "Why can't this document open?"
    Apparently if you attempt this, Pages will totally let you save into the same folder, renamed of course, but it will pretty much always fail. I fixed this issue by instead saving it to the Desktop, then moving it in Pages '09, back into the folder I'd been editing the document from originally. It prompts to "replace this" and I did replace it, it still is opening with Pages '09 instead of Pages 5, and it still has all the correct formatting it should.
    Hopefully this helps save someone from having similar Exporting issues with Pages 5 to Pages '09.

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    So, I wanted to add an addendum to this, after importing the file into Pages 09', I noticed I no longer had the ability to use the Section and Page break inserts. This is odd, and I believe I found out why. In Pages 5, that system of Sections and inserting blank pages works differently, with different templates. Once back into Pages 09', you simply have to create a blank page, and then use the "Capture page" option to make this your new Section insert/blank page insert, and then you have your formatting options restored.
    I'm currently fighting to get Table of Contents to format properly, as that function seems to have been banjaxed after the Pages 5 export into 09', so once I find a work around or a solution, I'll post that as well. Everything else seems to function as it had before, from slapping shapes in, to text boxes, tables, and page numbering. The Table of Contents works, but there isn't a label saying "Table of Contents" bolded, and the spacing and such for the listings aren't really... nice looking like they are normally.

    So, like I said, once I find out how, I'll post an update.

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    Okay, so it's entirely possible to simply import Styles from a working Pages 09' document that hasn't been opened by Pages 5, and you'll pretty much get all your specialized formatting restored, including stuff for Table of Contents.