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    Drisley most people want drafts saved on the server so they can be seen on other devices

  • indiekiduk2 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Most want *sent on server

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    Thanks Steve for the useful workaround.

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    It's just too bad Mac Mai or IMAP is broken so you can't choose what you want the way it says (at least with hotmail/


    I think the worst part is the duplicate emails in the SENT folder.

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    Well, I deleted my mail account ( and re-added it. This time everying worked, and I can uncheck mailbox behaviours! And no more dups in the SENT folders.

    BUT, once it synced, evertything went back to "normal" and the mailbox items all re-checked themselves as on, and dup sents again. Too bad


    There are no real options or settings on outlook/ like with gmail.

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    Steve's solution works, although I just want to add that clicking "Show if unread" in step 5 doesn't seem to be necessary for the fix to work.

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    I think it's a GREAT idea that Apple chose not to make the new Mail program compatible with Google's mail platform. I mean, it's not like anybody really uses Gmail anyway. In fact, I bet none of the Mail developers at Apple use Gmail, so how would it get tested anyway?


    At least this is the first time there's been a glitch using Apple's Mail program with Gmail. It's not like this is ever happened before.


    I'll probably just drop my Gmail accounts and use Apple .Me accounts, since that's such a shining success.


    Or, maybe I'll just start using the Sparrow or AirMail as my mail client.

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    My goal has been to get back to the pre-10.9 behavior as much as possible for drafts and deleting messages.  I have documented this here: tml


    I have pasted my steps here as well:


    I personally liked the pre-10.9 behavior, which included:

    • Drafts weren't stored on the server.  It would be ideal to have drafts on the server, but too often I found that the message would stay in draft form and be duplicated in the thread, even though the message was sent.  In practice, I never needed to start a message on my laptop and finish it on my phone.
    • Deleting a message from the inbox would archive it.  The message would be visible in the Gmail "All Mail" label, but it wouldn't be in the Gmail "Trash" label.  This is important because search results in Gmail by default filter out messages in the "Trash".  You have to explicitly click show messages in Trash.

    • I didn't need to enable the "All Mail" label for IMAP.  This prevents thousands of messages from being downloaded on to my local machine.  If I want to search old messages, I just log into Gmail's web interface.

    Some solutions to get back to this kind of behavior involve enabling the "All Mail" label for IMAP.  See:


    This is a no go for me as don't want to be downloading gigabytes of old messages.  I haven't gotten back to the pre-10.9 behavior by doing the following:


    • Quiting Apple Mail
    • Preventing "Drafts" and "Sent Mail" showing up in IMAP.



    • Launch Apple Mail and telling it not to store messages on the server for Drafts or Sent Messages.


    With those steps done, the only deviation you will find is that when you delete messages, they will move out of your inbox, but will have the "Deleted Messages" label.  I'm ok with that because at least they don't have the "Trash" label and will thus show up in my search results by default.



    Also, you'll want to move all your messages out of the "Trash" in the Gmail web interface after you've done the above.  If not, those messages will be deleted within 30 days.  I moved them to my "Deleted Items" label.

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    I REALLY like how now I get multiple versions of the same message, over and over in my drafts folder. The old Mail program didn't do that. I had no idea what I was missing!


    Thanks Apple!

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    Same here, on the iPhone I am receiving mails only now and then, the entire folder/label structure in Mail is not synchronized which makes current usage unbearable.


    Is their a fix in the making through a soon to be released update or should one consider to get different mail app like Airmail???




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    I'm currently testdriving AirMail and Sparrow, both seem good. I also use Google Chrome's Offline Gmail tool as well.


    I suspect we may be the collateral damage in a turf war between Apple and Google. If that's the case, I hope Apple understands that I love and always will use their hardware and OS, but Google does my email. If I have to choose between Apple and Google when it comes to email I will choose Google, period.


    And I really hate it when I'm the collateral damage in a turf war between companies. If Apple is playing games I will tire of that very quickly and my brand loyalty will begin to wane.

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    And MS/ is caught in the mix as well. However, it seems it's all an IMAP growing pain. I'm using Outlook 2011 now and while better, still dual sent items as with Mac Mail.

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    drisley: Are your recipients also getting duplicates? The random duplicates in my Gmail sent folder correspond to instances where the recipients also got duplicates in their inbox. So when I hit send, it appears to be sending it is many as 3 times... same subject, body, timestamp.

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    I upgraded to Mavericks and had lots of problem with Mail sucking up lots of VPU time and Gmail messags not always showing up in my inbox. I finally got tired of this and deleted all my Gmail accoutns and my iCloud account, and manually added them back in one by one. Problem seemed solved, but now I am having another problem where the Mail app will stall while it is updating the Drafts folder which I am composing a message which contains a couple of JPEG attachemnts. Over and Over and Over Again, so that I can hardly get a few words in before it stalls again. It's as if whoever at APple understood multi-threaded programming left and now the junior prgrammers that have the hip-look eyeglassesa and SOMA haricuts are in charge of re-writing the OS code in BASIC using one thread where everything takes it's turn.


    Apple really screwed the pooch on Mavericks. The problem is that Steve Jobs died and left children at the helm of a once great company. Then they put Jonathan Ivey in charge of impotant stuff instead of keeping him relegated to choosing the colors of icons, and now we have this Mavericks mess.


    Sorry, are we suposoed to pretend we're not frustrated on this forum with the steadily decliming quality of Apple software?

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