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explorz Level 1 Level 1

Since updating to Mavericks and iTunes 11.1.2 itunes no longer recognizes either my iphone or ipad via wi-fi.


I have plugged them in and toggled the checkbox to no avail.


I have even restored my iphone.  No deal.


If I plug them in, then I can sync.  But even with the box checked to sync over wi-fi, as soon as I unplug the phone, it loses connecton.


I have also rebooted the phone and restarted my computer.


The sync over wi-fi opton is completely unavailable.

  • Jrcr Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, can't sync even if my iPhone 5 or my iPad are connected via USB.

  • Migsgold Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list.  


    It was working fine for 3 ipads and 2 iphones with iTunes 11.1.1 and latest mountian lion.  I upgraded to Mavricks and iTunes 11.1.2 and iOS 7.0.3 and now it doesn't.  I was under the impression that 11.1.2 fixed this issue were it actually caused my issue. 

  • PPEfr Level 1 Level 1

    Same here : imac late 2012, iphone 4S, iphone 5S and ipad 2.

    Everything worked fine with itunes 11.1.1 and ML. No wifi sychro since itunes 11.1.2 and Maverick.


    Thank for any issue !

  • JonDle Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  Totally fine with latest 10.8/iTunes/ios 7.0.3 before Mavericks upgrade this morning and iTunes 11.1.2 shortly thereafter on Jan '13 MBP.

  • 3kellerkinder Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, same too... iMAC 2011 and before Mavericks everything works fine. Can´t sync  iPad Mini, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4 with the new iTunes over WiFi.

  • PJWilkin Level 1 Level 1

    It may not be relevant, but iTunes 11.1.2 seems broken on Windows too

    Sync sits at the last stage "Waiting for changes to be applied"  and never comes back (either USB or Wifi Sync)


    11.1.1 was fine


    I suspect either 11.1.2 or iOS 7.0.3 to be the broken in this respect

  • echelon3 Level 1 Level 1

    Neither are broken. I confirmed this morning with a senior-level tech that wifi and USB sync has been removed. Going forward, syncing will be iCloud only.


    For myself, this is an unfortunate deal-breaker for Mavericks. It's a shame, Mavericks seemed a very good update.

  • gyeary Level 1 Level 1

    I did all the upgrades as well. Now I can't transfer new playlists to my phone or Ipad. I am doing it with them plugged in. It just says waiting for changes to occur, but they never happen.

  • David Cher Level 1 Level 1

    same here . so we need to sync to icloud now unless we are using the cable ?

  • mkummer Level 2 Level 2

    Here it is even worse: I cant sync at all: both my iPhone 5s and my iPad 3 dont work. After starting iTunes 11.1.2 none of them shows in the devicess list. They appear after turning on the devices. Trying to sync from the devices is just stuck with no result nd times out after a while. Syncing with iTunes shows a error box - "No device found". Syncing with cable shows an error box that iTunes cant detect which Apps are on the device. For both devices the bar at the bottom of the Sync window in iTunes does not show the usual coulred spaces but one single orange entry. Besides: the main window of iTunes with Albums displayed takes every time it is invocked a time out of 1 min. with the coulored busy cursor and is unoperable for this time. Same when starting iTuunes: for good 69 sec. the window of iTunes turnes black and thwe rainbow cursor appears. It looks as if iTunes is crashed but it stalls only for the time.


    My iTunes libraray is external on a Drobo. All worked fine under mavericks with itunes 11.1.1. Hope tzhere will come a fix soon - for the time being, I am stuck.

  • rczakar Level 1 Level 1

    OK, so after a few frustrating hours trying to determine the Mavericks/iTunes sync issues that I am having with my 13 inch MBPR and iPhone 5S, I discovered the only issue is with Apple removing the local sync ability that we had in previous versions. Really good choice to remove such wonderful functionality so that we can all use iCloud. Well, some of us DO NOT WANT TO USE iCLOUD, and I am guesiing maybe someone at Apple did not think about that. Since I am currently on a business trip and recently upgraded to Mavericks, now when I get home I will erase/restore my new MBPR to put ML back on it. Thank you very much...


    As an Apple user for more than 20 years, I cannot tell you the level of dissapointment over such a simple but wonderful way to take care of our iDevices. Such a simple thing to sync our apps, contacts, music, etc. but now cannot sync all seamlessly as before. Very bad choice, Apple.


    Hey TIm Cook, are you reading this?

  • yancy Level 1 Level 1

    why should I use or need software (and may be APPLE hardware), when APPLE just shrink software, remove sync capabilities, reign over my devices and my way of working. Have you ever asked me, if I want to use iCloud services - especially regarding the different laws and practice to data privacy in USA vs Germany???

    Have you never heard, that you should inform people, your customers, before you reduce capabilities???

    I don't want any gift like that!

    I'll stay at mountain lion, itunes 11.1, iwork 09, ... until you show me, that now  and in future 1984 will never come true.


    many little customers are watching you APPLE. best regards, yancy

  • Air4One Level 1 Level 1

    What if iCloud had shutdown?

    Or if my Apple ID spoofing, iCloud could reveal my privates files?

    That's why I don't want use services Cloud computing.


    I always conserve data in materials drives for sure.


    I unterstand Woz about iPad Mini Retina 256GB.


    I want sync local wi-fi (and USB) in all devices/OS. Otherwise it is 'discriminatory'

  • explorz Level 1 Level 1

    So, for some unknown reason my iphone and my ipad just started showing up via wi-fi and are syncing fine.  I have no idea why.   But it seems to be holding just fine.


    Best of luck to you all.  Perhaps just shut everything down for the night and then hope for the best tomorrow.

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