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    To have gotten Pages 5 users will obviously have updated their Macs to OSX 10.9, and it is not a simple thing to downgrade your Mac to an earlier version OSX even for experienced users, and totally impossible if you have bought a new Mac which will not allow you to run previous Systems.


    So for many reasons it will be impossible or extremely difficult to get your Mac to where you can buy iWork '09 and even then Apple has buried the option to the point hardly anyone knows it even exists or how to get there.


    The same as virtually all Mac Users and even Apple support staff don't know iWork '09 or '08 might actually still be on your Mac, just moved.


    Apple has made the versions difficult on many levels. The primary problems being it keeps pushing the updates and iCloud which alters files.


    For customers using iPads or iPhones the problems are even greater as updates, iCloud and all the other issues are very difficult to avoid or get out of.


    Even if you do run iWork '09 in Mavericks and delete all later versions, Mavericks itself is causing problems and they are not running as smoothly as before.


    "as long as" is not a real solution because "as long as" mostly doesn't happen.



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    Well put Peter.  History is littered with once great companies that got too big to listen to their customers and paid the price (who remembers Kodak these days?).  Apart from the issues you are describing it seems that Mavericks is totally toxic, it's wrecked the wifi on my 2011 MBP and al the Apple propellor heads that I've spoken to  have any idea how to fix it.  I'm back on the end of a piece of wire for goodness sake!  It's like being in the 1990s and worst of all my wife is getting solid wifi connections on a PC, Oh the shame of it, the shame!

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    Do a complete backup of your System, preferably to a bootable external Hard Drive, and reinstall your previous System. Either Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion are good.


    Lion and Mavericks are both looking a lot like Vista.



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    I started this very thread, to raise awareness regarding the missing mail merge feature in the first place. I do want to have it back and so do many others. No question about that! Additionally, I filed my ER via the dev. bug reporter and now the only thing I can do is wait, how Apple reacts.


    Still... the info about the availability of iWork 09 might be useful to some users, that either might have older Macs available or are able to install an older OS X version onto another machine or an external to download and then copy the iWork 09 apps onto their Mavericks machines.

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    What is the compulsion with Mavericks?


    The only real pluses I have found are in obscure parts of the System which I doubt concerns many users.


    All the rest are implemented badly or even retro steps.



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    The tip only concerns users, who do use Mavericks and still want to get or run iWork 09.

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    The point is that if you want a 100% working set-up:


    1. Go back to iWork '09


    2. Avoid iCloud


    3. Don't use Mavericks which is a good part of the problem, not just Pages is dumbed down, everything is.


    …as I pointed out above.



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    I would say yes to all of that, except for the first point, to go back to iWork ’09. iWork is a dead end. Use Word or Nisus Writer Pro or something else with mail merge functionality, something made by a company which doesn't have contempt for its professional customers and their data. Apple’s money comes from consumer electronics, so those products — phones and tablets — and the people who use them are Apple’s priority. Don’t be fooled by the Mac Pro money grab.

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    The trouble is whilst some of those are near what Pages '09 is they are no way near everything Pages '09 can do.


    Certainly I agree if you want full editability long into the future you need to move off anything from Apple.


    This has reawakened my interest in Linux for a start, and all open source software or software from smaller dedicated publishers who actually care about their users not just talk the talk.


    But for the time being you can go on creating work and turning it into something useful such as .docx, pdfs or ePubs and treating Pages as a creater of foreign content ie files other than its own. I would use .odt or .pdf if I wanted a permanent editable record eg business records or correspondence.


    The only hope we have in the long term is that somebody else steps up to fill the void left by Apple.


    Given how long Apple takes to do anything this whole thing is going to take years anyway. Time enough to shop for something else whilst you continue with your work as usual.



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    Apple, sort your **** out!!! Do you know how much work you are caused me! Unacceptable.  At leased give us the option to go back to the older (and better) version!!!

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    Ugh... it's not often that I need this feature, but I've just discovered this feature has been dropped today (when I needed to use it...).

    Having to keep Office (or LibreOffice) around for things like this is an unwelcome necessity.

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    WOW.  This is unbelievable.  I upgraded to Mavericks and all the lastest apps last week and now find that mail merge is gone.  Wow.  I don't think I've ever felt like I've had my knees knocked out from under me like this before.  In my opinion, this is even worse than the MobileMe fiasco.


    I hate Microsoft products, and would MUCH rather give my hard-earned money to Apple (Lord knows how much I've done that in the past!).  Why oh why oh why is Apple cutting us out like this and forcing us to the Microsoft camp?


    I'm in shock.

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    Rate/review Pages 5 in the App Store where others like you can read it before they download it.



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    To me the wheels are falling off! When other software companies are adding more functionality- Apple is going back in time- Way back in time- Even AppleWorks had Mail Merge!

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    Mavericks, Pages 5 and all the other Mavericks software are not compulsory unless you have purchased a new Mac.


    Skipping failed software is an obvious choice that users seem to ignore.


    Microsoft is finding it has another Vista on its hands with Windows 8. Users are stubbornly refusing to install it. Windows users are lucky though in that their options are much more open than Mac users and they can install older as well as newer OSes.


    Lion was a dud on the Mac. Not quite as bad as Vista, but still a pointless and annoying "upgrade".


    Mavericks is looking the same only worse.


    I never bothered keeping my Lion install. I simply wiped it and am only keeping Mavericks on an external HDD for testing purposes and to check users' questions.