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    Brand new mac user here. I was frustrated that I couldn't mail merge but I figured it out on my end so I hope this helps someone else!!

    My issue was that I have only the newest version of Numbers but I have both Pages '09 and the newest version as well and even when I used Pages '09 and tried to import data from my Numbers file, it gave me an error message.


    The way I got mail merge to work was I opened my Numbers file then went to File, Export to, Numbers '09 file. I saved it as "NEW MAIL MERGE DATA." Then used that file instead to import through Pages '09. It accepted the file but didn't like my column titles (wanted "Work City" vs. "Home City"), so once I changed those and added a "Company" column with no data, it let me merge with no issues!!


    If you are printing envelopes, just make sure you change the return address before merging so that it will apply that to all of the envelopes! I hope that is helpful and prevents a lot of headaches!! After handwriting 100 evelopes out of 400 I was considering picking up Office for Mac!! Glad I can save that money and space on my Mac! I never want to use Microsoft again if I can avoid it!! Good luck!!

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,440 points)

    You are just repeating that it is broken for all the new iWork apps in Mavericks, but still works for iWork '09.



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    Well we had an update to the whole iWork's show yesterday 25th January. Fascinating wasn't it ?

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,440 points)

    There were a few fixes, but still mostly broken.


    I was mildly surprised that they did as much as they did. They haven't totally given up on iWork.



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    Ik ben verbaasd en boos dat zonder enige aankondiging de mailmerge (voeg samen) functinaliteit is verwijderd!

    Ronduit belachelijk. Maandelijks maak ik facturen en merge ik deze met mijn spreadsheet uit Numbers.

    Waarom is dit verwijderd? Ik neem aan dat dit een vergissing is!!!! Zoniet dan is degene die dit op zijn geweten heeft niet helemaal van deze wereld. . .

    Dwingt Apple ons over te gaan naar Microsoft? Dat kan toch niet waar zijn!

    Breng a.u.b. snel een nieuwe versie uit waarin deze functionaliteit weer aanwezig is. Please.

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    With you on that one

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,440 points)

    Rate/Review Pages 5 in the App Store.



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    Just unbelievable!!!! To remove this loses my support! Pages is gone.

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    Yup - would like to move away from Word but Mailmerge is a fundamental of word processing since I first started using this feature back in probably 9184 on my Apricot PC! (you have never heard of that have you?)

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    There are many alternative Word Processors to Pages and Word.


    And I am sure there will be even more in the long distant future 10th Millennium when I doubt either your Mac or your Apricot will function let alone open your documents.



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    This has been really bothering me, so I've written an AppleScript to do a mail merge between Pages 5 and Numbers 5. Hopefully someone else will find this useful, too!


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    I just bought a Mac because of the flexibility and functionality that was supposedly inherent in the system design.


    Not having a mail merge capability is just not practical.


    I thought Apple design teams were smarter than that

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,440 points)

    iWork '09 has mail merge.


    Pages 5 is not the only software available on the Mac, just as Word is not the only software on Windows.


    There are dozens of Word Processors available, some such as LibreOffice very powerful and free.



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    As Yosemite is on the horizon I have one question.

    "Will it support iWorks 09."

    Many of us that needed mail merge stayed with 09 after the fiasco of Apple removing mail merge. I have learnt to mistrust Apple when it comes to updates and downloads (I am not going to mention IOS8 and my iPad 2) so I will now have great reservations about updating to Yosemite when it arrives. Having said that I have good old Office set up in the background waiting for the day when Pages et al finally let me down when it drifts further in the direction of being a social media toy rather than a serious business app. Any one any news on this.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,440 points)

    If you do a quick search you will find several people reportedly using iWork '09 quite happily in Yosemite.


    Ignore the ones who obviously aren't using it and making all the usual uninformed presumptions. They did the same with Mavericks.


    We will not really know however until Yosemite ships. There will be problems with iPhoto which is getting the iWork Upgrade-to-Trash treatment and probably with Mail as well and definitely iCloud, which is why I avoid it.