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  Seriously.  I know I am logged in and subsribed, I know new podcasts are available, but when I click "refresh podcasts"-- nothing happens.  *** Apple?  This is on EVERY podcast (20+) that I subscribe to.  The only way I was able to get new podcasts was to delete all existing ones, remove the podcast, re-add it, and then the most recent one downloaded.  And then the same problem-- no new ones.  And it isn't a settings problem-- it is set to download all podcasts, not just the "most recent one".


Any one else dealing with this BS?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I'm having a similar issue:


    1) When I attempt to search (or click the pod cast link on top of the page) for podcasts on the itunes store, it loads a blank screen.  All of the other categories load... music, movies, books etc.


    2) Also when I try to enter my account login/password, it just keeps prompting me to do it again, but it recognizes bad passwords.  I can't log in to access my account settings no matter how many times I reset my password.


    The weird thing is, if I log into the admin account I rarely use, itunes does not behave like this at all.