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Is anyone else having issues launching the Mail App after installing Mavericks?  Every time I click to launch, nothing happens and it shows as "Not Responding".

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Lots of folks have this problem with Mavericks Mail, which also has other problems.

    It you leave it many hours, it will likely open a window after consuming many GB of virtural memory

    It became "paused" when memory usage reached 40GB
    Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.49.23 .png
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    Got Mail working slowly by disabling mail accounts in System Preferences and letting it run a couple days.

    Got a couple "black screens of death" (power key does nothing unless held down) and

    a couple of unscheduled power downs (power key turns it back on).

    Sad that there is no progress indicator.

    Don't yet understand why account information is in both Mail Preferences and System Preferences.

    My old 2007 6GB MBP is underpowered for my huge pile of gmail.

    My nice 2011 16GB MBP has died of bloated battery and dead GPU :-(

    Mail spends hours "Synchronizing Trash" and "Traversing mailbox" for Gmail IMAP.

    Too much swaping going on:



    Processes: 175 total, 10 running, 6 stuck, 159 sleeping, 747 threads                                  02:14:03

    Load Avg: 6.98, 10.99, 13.17  CPU usage: 64.96% user, 34.99% sys, 0.3% idle

    SharedLibs: 13M resident, 7276K data, 0B linkedit.

    MemRegions: 55630 total, 1634M resident, 25M private, 4190M shared.

    PhysMem: 2970M used (870M wired), 9768K unused.

    VM: 453G vsize, 1065M framework vsize, 89170001(1399) swapins, 91378372(30913) swapouts.

    Networks: packets: 529827/594M in, 349033/31M out. Disks: 3436663/414G read, 2024796/365G written.



    23932  Mail         83.9      09:42:20 16/1  4/1   629   3528+  882M-  881M-  0B     7642M+ 9280M+ 13G+   23932

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    Here is a pretty picture of an ugly memory situation:


    Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 1.21.44 .png

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    All the CPUing, Swapping, Synchronizing, Logging in, Erasing, Traversing, Communicating, Getting, and Checking is producing about 1 (one) packet per second of traffic to and from google.com :-(

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    Mail 7.0 is still unusable after the "Mail Update for Mavericks" version 1.

    It keeps slowly gobbling up memory until my 6GB 2007 MBP expires.

    At 45G of virtual memory, I get “Your system has run out of application memory.”

    com.apple.MailServiceAgent was using another 27G.


    This is about half an hour before paging armagedon:


    63667  Mail         68.5      06:46:00 24/3  12/3  588+  6560+  371M+  369M+  0B     32G+   33G+   37G+   63667 615   running  501  164136149+ 6334


    164 million page faults.

    Would love to have a new fully loaded Mac Pro just to run Mail.app

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    Mail 7.1 is still a memory hog.

    Thrashed all the way up to 69G before it died.
    No sign of MailServiceAgent this time.

    132.5 million swapouts.

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    Gave Mail 7.1 a good test.

    It "not responding"ed for an hour as virtual memory crept up to 35GB

    Responded for 1 second, then VM spent 20 minutes going up and down, then dropping sharply to 7.8GB.

    Now it became semi-responsive for a few hours as I painfully deleted thousands of messages from "Archive - Gmail (All Mail)".

    ViM slowly climbed and dropped many times with thousands swapouts/second.

    I got tired of that and left Mail running. Big mistake.

    Virtual memory usage reached dangerous levels.

    I managed with difficultly to quit Mail.app

    Unfortunately com.apple.MailServiceAgent kept running and growing to 68.7GB

    "Your system has run out of application memory" appeared with MailServiceAgent "stuck" (state "Us").

    "kill -HUP" was enough to get rid of it.



    Mail.app is a deeply troubled program.

    Thrashing its brains out for hours, accomplishing little, only to get killed in the end.

    A kindred spirit.



    Mail is still not usable on a 2007 6GB MBP

    I wish I could try it on my 16GB early 2011 MBP, but that vintage was a lemon and died.

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    Has anyone found a fix for this yet?


    I'm using airmail as a workaround - but it's not ideal.

    And I have to hard shutdown about 4 times a day when my laptop runs out of application memory and all applications pause.


    It doesn't help that there are dozens of discussions with similar problems ... all I want is a solution!


    I have reinstalled Mavericks... no luck.

    I have deleted all Internet Accounts... mail still doesn't open.



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    You can try going to System Preferances---Mail contacts & calenders------your account------- and uncheck the mail. Open mail app and than check it again in system prefs. It should work.

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    Mail contacts & calenders is iOS. We're talking OSX here.


    Either way problem solved.


    Created a new login user - in which my mail app worked. This means it wasn't a system wide problem but just for my user.


    Under the instruction of apple care I (went through a long process of restarts, safe mode reboots, deleting cache, removing various mail related files to desktop etc etc - none of which I think made a difference until I) copied the V2 folder from Library/Mail onto my desktop - and then deleted the V2 folder from mail.


    This basically restarted mail from scratch. I then readded my internet accounts/icloud in System Preferences and began rebuilding my mail with File/Import mailboxes.


    Phew.. what an awful week at work.

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    Im talking about Macosx Lion and not Mavericks since i had this problem also there. In Lion its called Mail contacts & calenders. Nevermind, great you found a solution.