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Hi their,


Im fairly new to using numbers however i have a good knowledge of excel, when i am doing a lookup for the value "bill oct" from table "data", Now i know their is no data for that but it is bringing any data back that starts with B.


I have "bill sept" in my data sheet and when i look up "Bill Oct" it brings up "bill sept" data, i can remove bill sept and it will just look for the next value begining with B.


Please excuse me if this has been asked however i wasnt able to find anything in the search.



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    Hi Broom,


    It seems that LOOKUP is finding a close match. Instead of LOOKUP, use VLOOKUP (to search columns) or HLOOKUP (to search rows). Those functions have "Close match" or "Exact match" parameters.


    The Function button on the Toolbar will allow you to choose Function Browser to see the syntax of functions.


    I am using Numbers'09 version 2.3 on a Mac running OS X 10.8.5

    I have no idea how Numbers 3.x works .




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    Works Like a charm.


    Thank You!