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    Yes I do mean the old colour window, with the different shades of each colour in the handy square box. the chart you show above was in old one a step down.  These do not have shades, only straight colours, or I have to make my own pallets viewable in scroll vertical menu like you show above.

    Is there any way I can copy the square pallet from '09 into 3.0?  I use a lot of these colours all the time. in my budget charts to highlight information and importance.

    thanks for your help.

    I am looking for a good apple computer man to help me with stuff, I am in melbourne,

    i bought a new mac mini, so no '09 on it, I tried copying it from my macbook pro, but no joy, does not open, any tips.

    Would be very handy to have 09 and 3.0 on my mini.

    as I want to stay current with programs now and not just rely on old one, so I can help my friends and colleagues on using 3.0.  I need to know what we can and cannot do with it, so I can say the right thing.

    Cheers. Jason B.


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    Hi Jason,


    Not a good idea to post your email address in a public forum. I have reported your post (for your safety). Better to show your email address on your profile.


    Happy to communicate directly. My email address is on my profile. It will help others if we keep the thread alive on here as well.




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    Apple limited the number of colors in the "handy square box" to 5 colors (plus grayscale) and 4 shades per color. Personally I found the large grid of colors to be overkill and it was hard to click on the correct color. I would often end up with multiple shades of "red" cells in my spreadsheets. But I suppose others might have found it useful to have such a wide variety of colors at ones fingertips.


    You can still drag a pattern of colors.

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    Have you gotten an answer to your question about being able to change the margin size?

  • fitopia Level 1 (5 points)

    Unticking "Return key moves to next cell" in the Inspector is a very very helpful option to have.  Organizing lots of chunks of text in a spreadsheet is easier than a word processor.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 9.53.37 AM.png

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