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I haven`t used my iPad 2 16 GB Wi-Fi with iOS 7.0 for some time and just yesterday I charged it, it turned on and wanted me to activate the iOS 7.0. But after I choose wi-fi, hit next, it just says "Activating your iPad, it may take a while.". But after a while of loading it just says something like the activation server is temporarily unavailable. When I connect it to my Mac mini and try to restore this iPad it says "This iPad can`t be restored because Find my iPad is turned on. Go to iCloud settings on your iPad and turn Find my iPad off." How can I turn it off when I can`t access my iPad? Or how can I restore it? BTW - I live in the Czech Republic. And the text in " " is translated by me so it is not the original text which is written on my display of my iPad because I have my iPad in Czech language. Thanks a lot for help. Daniel

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    Use your Mac mini. Go to iCloud.com in Safari and sign in to your iCloud which should be the same as the Apple ID used on the iPad. You can then turn off Find My iPad.

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    But there's a little problem. I deleted my iPad 2 from this account's Find My iPad. :-/ And now there's no iPad in My Devices...

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    I have a similar problem, I changed my password, cannot remember it, and cannot restore because 'Find My Iphone is turned on'.  But I cannot turn it off because my iPad is 'Offline' according to icloud.com Find my Iphone.  Should I delete all personal information ie wipe the iPad?


    Please Help!



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    I have the same problem . My Ipad cannot be activate. I enter my apple ID and password but it doesnt work.. when I try to login to Icloud it says "your apple ID must be used to set up iCloud on an iOS or OS X before you can use icloud.com' can somebody here can help me solve this?