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    In my case the pdfs did not transfer and even all the books purchased in the iBooks store on my iPad did not transfer to my MacBook... the book I'm reading did not transfer!!!


    It works fine for books purchased at Apple between my iPad and iPhone, but nothing works for pdfs.


    I really hopes Apple fixes this.


    The other thing that happened to me is that in my iPad under purchsed books I now have all titles repeating several times... one shows up 39 times (with the iCloud icon, meaning I cannot delete it).


    Apple: things should work seamlessly as you announce otherwise it's very annoying. I prefer not to have a feature than have one that does not work.

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    I use to be able to synch my PDF files in my MacBook Pro before Maverick and before iOS7.0.3, into my iPhone. It was very useful in my travels as I scanned travel books and saved them in PDF. Now it seems unless you buy from iBook, it will not synch. I see my old PDF files in my iPhone but it will not allow me to add new ones. It will allow me to DELETE the existing PDF files in my iPhone but NOT Add new ones. I feel really miffed  and feel I am increasingly controlled by this big company called Apple.

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    a way to get third party purchased books on your iPad is to use dropbox/mail to get the option to: Open the book in iBooks

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    Have similar problems with iBooks. Mac will only sync purchases to iphone. epub and pdf won't sync. Had to use drop box to add books to iphone iBooks.

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    All my books disappeared when I upgraded to IOS7 last night. Is there some way to find them? Shouldn't they be in iCloud? Help!

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    I have a solution to this I think - at least I had the same problem and then managed to solve it - In iBooks on mavericks if you go to file > move books from itunes while your iDevice in connected then it syncs them up. This works both ways, whether there are some on your mac that you want on your iphone or if there are some on your iphone that you want on your mac. It is as if they don't automatically sync unless told to do so, and since there is no option in itunes you have to use the one in ibooks for mac even if you are trying to sync iBooks (mac) -> iTunes (i.e. iDevices).

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    Just updated to iTunes 11.1.3 which allowed me to sync all my books in Mavericks iBooks to my OS7 iPhone. Selected my iPhone in iTunes and said sync all books.

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    Problem is that that doesn't always work. iTunes said sync all books (78 books) while my iBooks library on my mac had 126 books. So congratulations that yours works, but I think most people could figure out to try 'sync all books'.

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    I was completely blown away to learn that the only way to get a book I purchased on my iPad was by Dropbox. I was pleased to hear that this would be adressed in iOS7 & Mavericks via iCloud. It was not. The lists only what is in my /Books folder, completely ignores the contents of iCloud, and when attempting to view a book in iBooks app, it only opens it in, as if conceding that the image viewer in OSX since it was called NeXT is strictly better for actually reading books. I guess I need to reinstall dropbox.

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    I have over 5600 ebooks and when 'all' where copied into iBooks, I ended up with 86 books in my iTunes library and 283 books in iBooks and the rest in limbo. And not all the books in either library will copy to my iPad anymore. I have 79 books in my iBooks app on my iPad. I won't mention tha all PDF fils are totally gone.

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    Personally, with all this headache I have just gone back to using the Kindle App until Apple fixes this problem.

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    I admit i haven't read all posts thoroughly. But what i did is, after choosing "sync all books", i moved my pdfs from the pdf into book library - now they are synced. Before iTunes was counting my total of items in iBooks as total of books, w/o pdfs.  Don't ask me why Apple changed the syncing behavior. you get 2 guesses, then i get 2 guesses.

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    Hi Cello, yes indeed this appears to provde a workaround the issue of not synchronising (will NOT sync , synch, synchronize) .PDFs , ePUBs etc and non purchased stuff (your own .PDFs)  from iTunes to iBooks. You might want to go a bit further and this to extend your workaround to clean up the stuff on the iOS device you dont want in


    The method:
    1. on OSX (mac) set up your  own "Collections" in
    2. in select or group select the books and or .PDFs and add them to any of your collections from step 1. (File / Add to collection or RMB / add to collection...)
    3. in [sidebar] /Devices/select-your-ios_device/ Books/ and "Sync Books' .. [radiobutton All Books[.. then Sync.
    4. then iOS-device/ - use 'Collections" at top of screen to select what collection you want.. quick and easy to find.
    5. iOS-device/ choose "Edit' in top RH corner and see list with radio buttons
    6. select the radio buttons for the PDFS etc that you DONT want on the device
    7. use the red Delete directive at top LEFT corner, then answer the 'Delete" red confirmation
    8. repeats 4-7 to clean up to taste.



    Yes.. provides a workaround only. However ALL the iTunes Books are synchronised to the iOS device. Apple will fix it eventually.


    Post your results for others to see.




    Hong Kong


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    No answer yet- but do you know avril lavigne? I am forced to remember her chorus line "why does everything has to be so complicated"...

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    I have found something that is confusing with iBooks and the sync to devices problem plus a workaround.


    If you download an ePub format file using OS X Mavericks (O'Reilley, Packt, Pragmatic Programmer all had this), when the download completes iBooks notices the ePub file and automatically imports the book into its file area and shows the book in the collection and even opens it for you to read. That book will not sync to the iDevices, I have iPad2 and iPhone4. All other books are syncing for me.


    If that book is then deleted from iBooks and manually added again from the Downloads directory (drag and drop) it will now sync to the devices. Magic?


    I have sync all books checked on in iTunes, the iCloud options turned on and all the latest versions of software on the MacBook Pro and the iOS devices (iTunes 11.1.3, iBooks 1.0.1, iOS 7.0.4) as of this writing.