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    I had this problem as well and doing the "Move Books From iTunes" command with my iPhone connected resolved the issue. It said it "moved" all the books from iTunes, all of which were already actually in iBooks actually, fortunately it didn't duplicate anything, and now when I go back to iTunes I can manually pick and choose the books as in the past and the list of books showing is accurate.


    Now I'll have to test deleting some books and see if it stays that way as iTunes was complaining it couldn't find books I had deleted from iBooks prior.


    Either way, Apple needs to fix the problem. Seems it shouldn't have been this ridiculously difficult for them to have it sync seeing as they do it just fine with the iWork suite as others mentioned. IMO this iBooks release and its issues is far worse than the Maps release was for iOS.

  • SCS4Mac Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I´m the one who wrote the original post in this discussion.  Thank you all so much for your comments, tips, advice etc. However, I have decided to drop iBooks now and concentrate on Kindle and possibly Marvin. Maybe one day, who knows, iBooks will be ready to use as it should be.  Thanks again.

  • Mike Bender Level 1 Level 1

    I can't figure out how to get my PDFs in iBooks on Mavericks to sync with the proerp categories to my iPad running iOS 7.X.


    Ugh - Mavericks really stinks. Apple screwed the pooch big time on this release. Mail is broken, remote desktop client is broken, fireewall is broken, now syncing to iOS devices is borken.


    Makes one want to dump Apple and go to Linux/Android, and I've been an Apple user and developer since the Apple ][ days


    Too bad Steve wasn't still around to kick some a** in Cupertino.

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    i just had a really eye opening experience.  my husband gave me his kobo glo ereader to load with books.  he knew i was all set up in calibre.  i loaded upteen books to his device smoothly and beautifully without a single hitch. all i did was plug in his device to my macair. the icon showing his device popped up on my caliber toolbar.  i dragged and dropped tons of books to his device.  i unplugged it and handed it to him.  i was so disgusted with Apple after this that I could have screamed. i have spent so much more than he has on my hardware that it is mind boggling.  my reading devices (ipads) are $500+.  His was a hundred and something, under two hundred. i spend a lot of time reading.  for apple to deliberately have screwed up our ability to use calibre with the iPad is going to prove very short sighted.  i, for one, am not buying ANYTHING from ibooks. i have spent a lot of  money on apps, hardware, magazine stand, ipads, etc., etc., but I am not going to buy one more Apple product until I see a demonstration of good faith.  this is the way microsoft behaved and that is why i left microsoft for apple. i think i too better start looking at Linux/Android if this trend continues.  i can't picture steve doing something this stupid.

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    Same issue here, I am not able to sync an iBook to in iOS7 device form my iMac runing OSX 10.7.5. The book does not even show in the books sync window of the iOS7 device BUT it shows as expected in an older iPad first gen sync window. I called Apple and the genius there tells me that I must upgrade to Mavericks to sync my book; that books can only by synced now isuing iBooks for the Mac. Wait! if that is so, why is it that I can sync my book to an older iPad (not running iOS7)? What to do? Well, I uploaded my book to DroBox and got it into iBooks on the iPad from there. Apple Tech Support and iTunes were zero, zilch, nada of help. But, you know, now iTunes has a radio built in. Isn't that nice?

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    the long and the short of it is that they want us to only buy books from iTunes and nowhere else and use itunes and ibooks to manage all of it.  never mind that we have all bought tons of apple hardware, which used to be apple's chief business.  i am resolved to stop buying books, magazines and accessories from apple.  and if it keep this kind of practice up, my next piece of hardware is probably going to be an android. i do not like being coerced into using apple's online itunes store and i doubt if any other hard core apple hardware owners are appreciating it either. apple has gotten too greedy.

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    Although I don't think that's the reason for the sync problem, I agree with you. As long as Apple sells it's ebooks in their own format which I can not read on other platforms, I am not going to buy their books.

    At least I can read kindle books on an iPad, although the epup format appeals me more.

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    epubs read just fine on the Marvin app. plus Marvin has better font shoices and if you want to fill your white space margins with text, it lets you do so.

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    This does the trick, thank you!


    Derek Cassells

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    I agree! Open it up Apple!! This feels the same as last year when Amazon was dragging their feet on allowing the 'Air Play' API to function inside their Amazon Instant Video app for iOS (as if that was going to make all these die hard Apple Hardware fans run out and buy a Kindle or something). Ha! C'mon folks! Apple, keep it open for everyone! Win/Win.

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    whoops, replied to wrong post

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    Hey thanks NucleophilicRxn! This worked for me! I have a lot of books, and my iPod Touch crashed right after my first sync attempt, but I did another sync and it got the rest of the books that hadn't copied over before.

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    PDFs and PDF Collections do NOT sync within the iBooks ecosystem.


    Your Collection "schema" will - but the PDFs wont.  Apple is not going to fix this.


    You are far better off using DropBox and GoodReader or any number of 3rd party applications.  Create a "PDF Library" folder within Dropbox and use goodreader to access it on IOS.   The same folder (and pdfs) are then available to any computing platform - even over the web if you are using somebody else's computer.


    No itunes, no kludgy work-arounds.  Just a peaceful easy user-experience.  Not delivered by Apple Inc.


    To be clear, PDFs specifically within iBooks will not "synchronize across devices or platforms" 

    • The PDFs you put/have on your MacBook Air (maverick) will only be on your macbook air
    • The PDFs you put/have on your iMac (maverick) will only ever be on your iMac
    • The PDFs you put/have on your iOS device will only every be on your IOS device


    The books you buy from the Ibooks store, will of course, be available across devices & platforms.


    There is no comprehensive "icloud/ibooks file synchronization"  never has been, most likely never will be.




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    Man, is it ever becoming more apparent that SJ is still dead.  Not only will PDFs not sync between MBP and iPad, but they are **gone** from my iPad (running iOS 7).  Can't find them anywhere in iTunes iBooks anywhere. 


    Between this and the power button issue, I'm really starting to lose my enthusiasm for Apple.  Note that these are my first two Apple devices.  They may well be my last.



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    ok, I have been experimenting with my ipads and the iBooks and PDFs and i have some recommendations to make.


    1) 100% of the time drop box works flawlessly on letting you load your ebooks into whichever app you wish to use.  Marvin is the only one which lets you load multiple books at once from drop box into Marvin.  Marvin only works with ePub and no other format.


    2) sync can work on the ipad but it is quirky. one thing it does consistently is turn off my selection of sync all ebooks back to sync selected ebooks,  this is a royal pain. what i do is move the books i want to sync from caliber into iBooks on my mac air.  then i make sure iTunes is set for sync all books under the books tab for my ipad.  it will sync wirelessly if you check the box allowing the two to sink wirelessly.( look at your summary page for your ipad in iTunes for box).


    3) you don't have to go find the file to move a book from calibre. you can just drag the book cover icon over into iBooks without holding any extra keys.  you can move it into dropbox too but you have to hold the option key so a duplicate moves to dropbox. when you delete these books from iBooks and dropbox, it does not delete them in calibre.


    4) overall i still prefer using goodreader for PDFs.  you can either drag and drop them into the goodreader app in iTunes or you can load them from dropbox.


    5) i have not been able to load into either iBooks or Marvin from calibre itself despite having installed plugins for that purpose for both.  i had no trouble loading my husband' s ebook reader, non apple, from calibre.  his worked perfectly. his device loaded onto the toolbar immediately and i just dragged and dropped files onto his device icon and they all loaded.  I cannot get my ipad to show up on the caliber toolbar in any way. I have read tutorials about it but they never work.