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I have a Dell desktop with Itunes loaded and all of my mp3's and videos on it that I want which I put on my Ipod. I went away with the ipod and my laptop, a compaq presario. We downloaded itunes software and connected the ipod to the laptop and it deleted everything that was on the ipod, which is stuff I need, and put some other stuff that happened to be on the laptop without asking if that is what we wanted to do. We figured it would just upload the files on the ipod to the laptop and itunes and then we can use those files on the laptop. Or at least give us this option. Can we restore what just happened or do I have to wait till I get back home to restore what was on my ipod. or can I have someone email me the ipod files from home and put them on here?

desktop - dell, laptop -compaq, Windows XP
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    When your iPod is set for automatic update and you link it to a different computer, you get a message along the lines of "This iPod is linked to another iTunes music library. Do you want to change the link to this iTunes music library and replace all existing songs and playlists on this iPod with those from this library?" As long as you say "No" then you are ok, it is warning you that if you proceed it will link to a new and possibly empty iTunes library that will replace what you currently have. I would guess this is what happened to you. To get the original content back you'll have to sync to your home computer

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    Thanks for the reply - I don't remember it asking me a question like that - perhaps I was not paying attention and pressed yes when I should have said no?? I can see a database file on my computer that looks like my old files - but it doesn't recognize it.